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HAPPY MONDAY!!! Not sure why I’m in such a good mood. Maybe it’s looking through my pictures and seeing all the pictures of Kara <3 There are SO MANY! OK- Onto the recap of last week…

Give this girl a bag (or a cup or a water bottle or anything crinkly) and she’s set for a drive.

Car Ride Bag

I bought some Halo and when I opened it it was only a 1/2 to 2/3 full. I. was. pissed. I don’t mind paying for it (even thought it’s a wee bit expensive), but I DO mind if I don’t get a full product. I emailed them (with below picture) and they quickly responded back and made this situation better 🙂 They explained that in transit if the product melts, it loses it’s fluffiness and remelts harder and less voluminous. I told them where I got them so that they can make sure it doesn’t happen again! Thanks for the great customer service Halo Top!

Empty Halo

I tried the “Freshly Juiced Green Power Punch” from Sprouts the other day. It was just sweet enough and I liked that the apple was low on the list of ingredients. If I’m going to drink green juice, I want it to be mostly veggies, not fruit and a piece of spinach in it to make it green, haha. Plus, you can’t beat that price…Sprouts green juice

Kara is ALL ABOUT the Love Beets! I mean, she chose it over a strawberry… Beets are eaten on nights that bath time is after dinner. I got a huge container of then at Costco, so we’ll be enjoying them for a while 🙂

Kara Beets

Sometimes you eat all the carbs during the day and just need some good protein and veggies for dinner. I love putting the Montreal Steak seasoning on my chicken and I love grilled asparagus. I had to share half my squash/zucchini with Kara- ugh… doesn’t she know momma doesn’t like to share 😉

Chicken and Veg

Dessert the past couple of nights has been a nut butter shot. I got the Mixed nut butter from Trader Joe’s and it’s DELICIOUS! Healthy fats + portion controlled= win.

Trader Joe's mixed nut butter

And the best part of my weekend was Kara’s first trip to the beach! We went to Fred Howard beach (which is closer to us than Clearwater, but the sand isn’t nearly as soft and white) and stayed for a whopping 20 minutes- including walking to/from the car. She HATED the sand, which we weren’t caught off guard by, as she’s going through a stage where she doesn’t like her feet to be dirty. I went through the same thing and obviously everything worked out 😉 I just love her so much!

Kara's first beach trip

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PS… NUUN’s friends and family sale in still going on! Click the image to head to the site!:)

Nuun Sale

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    • Perfect timing with the discount code. And ya, I’m hoping the more Kara sees/touches sand the more she’ll like it. We are Floridians after all 😉

  1. OMG that picture of you guys at the beach is adorable! And I’ve never heard of mixed nut butter – but I was just telling my coworker the other day that they should make some. Apparently it exists!

    • The beach was interesting to say the least. The nut butter definitely had a hazelnut nut undertone, but I loved it!

  2. You are lucky Kara loves her veggies (beets? seriously?). She’ll come around to the sand. None of my kids liked it at first either. I’m still watching for Halo Top to come to my Publix. And yes, I want a full container! 😉 Thanks for linking, Heather!

    • We are almost TOO lucky with Kara and food. She’s been put in time out a few times for wanting other kids food at daycare haha. Kind of funny, but annoying. I hope she comes around to sand soon!

  3. Smart girl loves her beets!! There have been numerous studies on beets and beet juice improving the performance of endurance athletes. I wrote a paper on it for a chem class a few years back. Keep her grubbin on the red stuff!

  4. UGH I hate when I get a subpar product but I LOVE that companies these days are generally so good about customer service. I got a moldy (seriously) thing of cottage cheese a month or two ago, was all ready to take ti back… could figure out where I had gotten it from. FAIL

    • Hahaha, that’s funny. Well, not the moldy cottage cheese part. Mold is horrible! I mean, less product sucks, but legit “you’ll get sick if you eat this” is way worse!

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