Solid Runs, Muscles, Daddys Home!

Hey hey!!! We are super happy in the Winchell household, as Todd is home! He got back Saturday after being in Israel for 8 days for work. He almost didn’t make it home with all the cancelled/delayed Delta flights. I surprised myself with some solid runs while he was gone- which is always tough with work and Kara. I like to call it my single parent life. I got in two 8 milers before Kara woke up during the week…

IMG_20170405_060544_628 IMG_20170407_055323

The actual running part is easy, it’s the, shower, wake Kara up, get me, get her ready, drive (in more traffic than normal because we leave later) to daycare and finally to work… without forgetting lunch and a muffin for the car ride and Ellie (Kara’s lovie) and whatever else I need for the day.

Before those early morning runs I typically don’t eat anything. I just drink some water (sometimes I add essential amino acids– pineapple flavor), foam roll and hit the treadmill. Afterwards, I guzzle some Nunn while I stretch. Sometimes I’ll partake in some Halo or Enlightened to help cool off and get some quick carbs, sugar and protein in.

Cold Brew Enlightened

I am SO LUCKY to have parents that understand my crazy running addiction… and who love my adorable daughter 😉 My mom picked Kara up twice last week so that I could go to the trail and run. Kara loves spending time with my parents and that just makes my heart happy <3 I’d run, then go to their house, shower and hangout while my mom cooked dinner. She’s such a great cook AND Nana.

Moms Dinner

Roasted brussel sprout and okra are two of my faves. Kara loves the okra, too. This kid will eat anything. For those of you who don’t have Publix grocery stores, they give kids a free cookie at the bakery. My kid is the one who’s eating the gnocchi and muscle sample instead of the cookie. Yes, she ate muscles. #momwin


There was a good chance Todd was going to have to wait until Sunday or Monday to get home. He was supposed to get in at 2PM Saturday, then it was 4, then it was 6 and it ended up being 8:30PM. I was selfishly really happy that Todd got in Saturday night so that I could take advantage of the cooler (60 degrees at 8:30AM) weather Sunday. Poor guy waited in the Tel Aviv for 10 hours, then had a 12 hour flight to wait another 10 hours before actually coming home.

cookie run

My run started off really rough and my legs and mind just weren’t in it. Something clicked around mile 3 and I was golden. I definitely negative split this run. My first mile was 8:40 something and I ended with a 7:40ish pace. Treated myself to this perfectly undercooked cookie 😉 I’m laying off the sweets, but this was my one “cheat” for the weekend. Todd got to hang out with Kara all morning and go to the park while I ran. Father daughter time at it’s best <3

park time

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