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Miss me? I’m sure you didn’t even notice with social media flooded with all things Boston Marathon (rightfully so). I had a work trip to Montreal and I just didn’t have time. But I’m back! Where to begin? How about running? This is HeatherRunsFast 😉 I had some great runs the past two weeks. Got in my favorite run…

Jo Run(1)

A run with Jolene that is <3 Our miles always fly by. Got in a few good treadmill runs as well. Had another good outside run on Easter. Came home and Kara stole my water bottle. Per usual.

Easter RUn

I was expecting a VERY important package on Friday and HAD to sign for it. I really wanted to run (I can’t hear the doorbell on the treadmill) but the tracking number only said “out for delivery,” “will be delivered by 8PM.” Well that’s not a lot of help. Todd had the brilliant idea to set up a laptop and pull up the front door camera. Then I could monitor if someone was there and get to the door. Got in 8 miles and didn’t have to stop for a delivery!

package run

Kara started sleeping OUTSIDE of her crib at daycare. I can’t believe it. She’s only a year and 4 months old! How Ana gets her to stay put and actually nap is magic. My big girl…

Kara cot(1)

My trip to Montreal for work was good. It wasn’t too cold 40-50’s with a bit of wind and rain, but MUCH better than it was a few weeks ago. I got in a run on the hotel treadmill and forgot how they use KM and not miles. Good thing I know what 10k is, haha. The highlight was a fancy dinner out. I started with a warm beet/arugula/goat cheese salad and had tuna tar tar. Dessert was a small bread pudding thing that I didn’t get a pic of.

Montreal Dinner

Any working person knows, when you go to an offsite/conference the food is typically indulgent or lacking in nutrients, haha. Croissants with nutella were for breakfast, fancy sandwiches and snacks, chocolates galore, dinners out. Makes it hard to eat healthy, so I was happy to come home and have some wholesome meals.

healthy dinner

But I was more happy to come home to my girl. Let me tell you, I love her more and more each day. Real mom moment here- I loved her when she was a baby but I REALLY love her now, like, more than then, haha. That might sound bad, but she is just so much fun and such a sweet girl (most of the time). I mean, come on… that smile…

Easter… We went to my mom’s for dinner= traditional ham, deviled eggs, asparagus and potato salad. For dessert, we had a family favorite, Cherry Yum Yum. It’s layered with graham cracker crust, dreamwhip/cream cheese/sugar and cherry pie filling. Trust me… its’s good.

Easter Dinner

And an egg hunt! Kara pick up on what to do SO QUICK! She is such a smart little girl. The Easter Bunny (my mom) got her a bunch of beach/pool stuff so Kara’s basket was a sand bucket. Super fitting for a Florida girl.

Easter Egg Hunt

If you’re still reading, thanks! There was so much more I could’ve included but I didn’t want to make this a novel! Hope you have a great week and a happy Monday!

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    • I’ve been trying to do an experiment to see if I can tell if Kara’s pee smells after eating it, but she won’t eat it. I think it’s too fibrous for her to “chew” since she only has .5 a molar for back teeth, haha. I’ll report back when I get her to eat it 🙂

    • We love her some much! If I decide to stay home after #2, he/she will go to Ana for a bit before hand to get on a schedule, haha

  1. Your girl is so cute! <3

    Also, ermahgod your Easter dinner looks delitchous. I didn't get a traditional meal this year (my family is a bunch of slackers 🙂 ) so I'm definitely green with envy!

  2. Look at sweet Kara sleeping on a big girl cot already! I think a bucket is the perfect Easter basket. It’s great that you and Jolene can run together. I wish I had someone to run with. Thanks for linking, Heather!

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