Yummy Things!

I’ve tried some new and tried and true things lately and figured I’d share them with you!

Western Bagels = awesome. That pretty much sums it up. They taste great, have great macros/calories and are a good size- similar to a Lender’s bagel in size, only denser 🙂 The Perfect 10 bagels have 150-160 cals, 18-21g carbs and 19g protein… you can’t beat that!

Western Bagels

Ideal Fit Protein: I don’t drink a ton of protein shakes anymore, but decided to give this brand/flavor a try after seeing it on IG and hearing Amber rave about it so much. Let me just say… I LOVE it. It’s not an overpowering mint flavor at all. Kind of like an Andes mint or the Dove dark chocolate and mint maybe? I dunno, but it’s good! I always make my shakes with almond milk, ice and spinach so I can’t tell ya if it mixes well with just water, but buy it. Plus, it’s on sale- another reason I tried it 🙂

Ideal Fit

NUUN! Gotta stock up for the Florida summer heat and humidity! My faves: Watermelon and Cherry Limeade 🙂 If you haven’t added Nuun to your workout routine/hydration you should.


Yogurt with Chia Seeds. I’ve been adding these to my yogurt for some texture and healthy omega 3’s. Is it weird that I like it when they get stuck in my teeth for later? haha. Don’t judge.

Yogurt with Chia Seeds

Halo Top. Love me some Mint Chip Halo. It’s a tie between this and the Oatmeal Cookie for the #1 spot. Mmmm. And yes, I’m apart of the whole pint club 🙂

Mint Chip Halo Top

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I got this from Erica @ EricaFinds.com and was so intrigued. The powder is tasteless and I’ve been adding it to my coffee daily. I’m not sure I notice any change in my hair, nails, skin, ect but it can’t hurt right?! To be honest, not sure I would notice a change if there WAS one. Either way, it’s an easy way to get in some added protein with hopefully good side affects.

Vital Proteins Collagen

And because I can’t post a blog without Kara… LEGO FINGERS!!!

lego fingers

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    • It’s her new “thing.” She puts them on her fingers and waves them around proudly. It’s the cutest thing.

  1. I’m intrigued by the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. It’s great you can’t tell you’ve added it to your coffee. At my age I need all the anti-aging I can get. Ha–I need that coffee mug too! Thanks for linking, Heather!

    • I have so many running/marathon mugs! I’m obsessed. I’m hoping the benefits will help long term, guess only time will tell!

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