Panera, Treats, Curling and More

Hello hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Sorry for the glitch with the blog this morning… I hit publish before I was done! That’s what happens when I blog before coffee 😉 Here are some randoms from my life last week…

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jolene for lunch last week at Panera. We caught up on life and ate some delicious salads. We used the kiosk to order and I loved it. I can place a picky order without sounding high maintenance, haha. I always add whatever veggies are free and switch up the dressing (on the side). I got this Spindrift Sparkling Water that I brought back to the office and it was SO GOOD!

Spindrift Sparkling Water

Enlightened eating while in traffic. I am all about the Halo Top, but this stuff is just as good! I love the Halo mint chip, but Enlightened’s version is totally different. It’s kind of like Breyers VS Edy’s Mint Chocolate Chip. One is white and one is green. One has a more minty flavor, the other is subtle. Needless to say, I love them both and am just glad to have options 🙂

Curling! Remember my trip to Montreal for work? Well, one of the group activities we did was curling. It’s much harder than it looks! Pretty much everyone fell on their butt at some point, but it was a lot of fun!


Lenny & Larry’s snacking. Believe it or not, I’ve never tried the Snickerdoodle flavor… well, I loved it! You MUST warm it up though. Takes it to a whole new level. I typically only eat half for a snack at work. Gives me that sweet treat I need without over doing it. But let me tell you, stopping at half is HARD.

Lenny Larry Complete Cookie

Did you know that you can use Whole Food’s coupons at Publix?? We save $15 every week! The only stipulation is that the Publix has to be within 5 miles of a Whole Foods. That adds up to a lot of money every year!

Temptation EVERYWHERE! WHYYYYYY?!? I said no. Boom.

Donut temptation

Instead I’m keeping my food healthy and delicious. I’m treating myself when it’s really worth it and with “healthier” options when a craving strikes. Plus, meals like this are so satisfying… especially when eaten with your grandma, mom, dad, hubby, and kid <3

Healthy Dinner

I really need to figure out how to upload videos on here because I have some super cute ones of Kara. Like REALLY cute. I’ll have Todd help me with that this week (thanks, baby!) so you can see her adorableness. I’m not biased or anything 😉 For now, here’s a cute collage of her:

Kara Collage

Hope everyone has a great week! Linking up with The Weekly Wrap, Mommy Moments, MIMM and Inspire Me Monday!

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  1. BELIEVE IT or not, I was more engrossed by that perfectly cooked asparagus than I was the donuts. Is this what it means to be an adult!?

    • As much as I like “bad” food, healthy meals really are so tasty. I can always make room for Halo or Enlightened 😉

    • I wouldn’t say I was driving… it was more like slowly creeping in a parking lot of traffic.

  2. Great tip about the coupons! Curling looks fun (and cold) but I’m sure I’d fall. I have those running shoes by the way. I haven’t seen the kiosk for ordering at Panera yet! Thanks for linking, Heather!

  3. What a great picture of you curling! Your hair looks great! I thought I heard that they are giving free curling lessons at the new ice rink. I’m craving another one of those salads.

    • Curling lessons?! That’s pretty cool for something here in FL. I’ve never heard of people laying it here. I ALWAYS crave that salad, haha

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