Great, Grand, Mother’s Day

If you aren’t sick of hearing/reading it yet… Happy Mother’s Day! Mine started with a nice and easy 10 miler. It was warm out, but felt nicer than the previous mornings! Some mom’s want to sleep in on “their day.” Not me! I want to do what I love and that running!

Mothers Day RunI got home a little after Kara woke up, so I drank my Nuun and she had her milk, before we sat down together to stretch and share a banana.

We went on our typical weekend walk to the playground, one of my favorite parts of the weekend. She now insists that I swing next to her. She points and says, Uhhh uhh, until I get in the seat. Yes, baby, anything for you!
When we got home, I remembered the picture we got last year when Todd and Kara were waiting for me right after my run. I decided we should recreate it! Look how much has changed! She is so much more fun now, haha.

mothers day 2017

We hosted Mother’s Day at our house, but everyone brought something. We had fish tacos and my mom made her delicious black bean salad as a side. I went with a deconstructed version, preferring beans over tortillas and cake over beans, haha.

Mothers Day Fish Tacos

Like last year, Kristin made the cake. She is SUCH a good baker! We chose red velvet and it was so freaking good. She knows I love frosting so there was extra <3

Red Velvet Cake

I’m sad we didn’t get a picture, but we had three generations there- my mom and my grandma, Nana and GiGi to Kara. Actually, we all get together quite often, but we (I) really need to get better about taking pictures of ALL of us, not just Kara, my running and my food, haha.

Kara Necklace

My mom got me the sweetest necklace for Mother’s Day! She’s seriously the best mom ever and I want to be just like her when I grow up 😉 Love you mom!

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    • If only I was eating it for breakfast- the cake, not the necklace- it would’ve been perfect with coffee. Who am I kidding… I DID have some this morning, but it was before coffee was made :/

    • Hey, if I was injured it would’ve been the same thing! Extra sleep is the only “benefit” of being injured.

  1. That is the cutest necklace! Is it designed to add more names if necessary? I’m glad you enjoyed your Mother’s Day and I know it must have been special to have three generations present. I wish I had a piece of that cake right about now! That picture really shows how much Kara has grown in one year!! Thanks for linking, Heather!

    • We could totally add more names to the necklace! I love comparing pic of her from a year ago. Such a difference. I could eat a piece of Kristin or my mom’s cake every day…. but then I’d be 20lbs heavier haha

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