IG Posts and Our Weekend

Hey hey! Last week was pretty boring and the weekend was super low key, so I’m going to combine some weekend fun with some Instagram fun! (@heatherrunsfast) Let’s get to it!

We hit the pool up again. It’s been raining here every day, which means cold pool water. We went to a friends pool that’s heated and while it was still cooler, it was much more tolerable!
Pool TimeI woke up with Kara Sunday morning and she kept pointing to the peanut butter. We get it fresh ground from Publix. So it’s just peanuts 🙂 She’d stick the spoon in, take a “bite” and wash it down with milk. She’s definitely my kid! 
PB and Milk

Just a beautiful sunset I wanted to share.
LLR Sun RIse

Kara is so trendy with her avocado toast!

Avo Toast

We got this Native natural deodorant and sadly, I’m not a fan. It’s OK for the weekends, but if I get stressed at work, the sweat flows, haha. Seems to work well for Todd though!Native DeodorantSometime you lose site of how amazing your body is. I am thankful for my legs and all the miles they’ve run <3IMG_20170519_062503_670

I used to always peel the skin off a butternut squash before I roasted it… SUCH a pain! Turns out, you can eat the skin and it’s delish!Butternut Squash Trick

This girl LOVES to read. She’s started asking for books in the car. I love it. Car Reading

My mom got a bag of Pumpkin Ginger snaps on sale at Sprouts for 97 cents and they are SO GOOD! Pumpkin Ginger Snaps

This is the only kind of date Kara will have until she’s 20 😉 Juuuust kidding. We aren’t naive parents. Shoot, she’s already kissing boys at daycare.

Kara Dates

I hope everyone has a great week! Linking up with The Weekly Wrap, Mommy Moments, MIMM and Inspire Me Monday!

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    • We are such suckers for a good deal! You’d think they might be stale by now- surely they were from last fall- but they are still crisp and delicious!

  1. I didn’t know you could eat the butternut squash skin. I always use delicata squash because you can eat of the skin of those too!! (I actually like the taste better anyway) 🙂
    Kara is getting cuter and cuter as she gets older and her hair gets longer!!

    • I love the skin of all potatoes! I love her hair 🙂 Can’t wait for it to be long enough for a pony tail

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