Father’s Day and Running Again

Good Morning! Happy Belated Father’s Day to any dad’s who read the blog (I’m guessing it’s only Todd and my dad, haha). We celebrated with having everyone over, spending quality time together and eating! For dinner we had steak, baked potatoes and broccoli. And for dessert, of course we had a huge delicious cake. If you haven’t noticed, it’s our family’s tradition 🙂 My dad and Todd both like chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter frosting, so that’s what my mom made. It was delicious.chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter frosting

I have to say, I am only lucky girl! I have the best dad in the world and a husband who is the best dad to our little girl. Todd is such an amazing dad and I’m not just saying that. He’s helped change her diapers from day one- even the extra stinky, messy ones. He reads to her and puts her to sleep almost every night. He’s patient with her, even when’s she’s screaming in the car- although I know his blood pressure goes up, haha. He watches Mickey Mouse Club house with her when she isn’t feeling good- and sings along. He watches her while I run on the weekend and takes her into daycare so I can run during the week. He is SO involved in her life and that makes all the difference. It also helps me out! She is fine just hanging out with him and playing in her kitchen, “making him eggs” or “pouring him some milk,” which gives me time to make dinner, or run, or just take 5 minutes for myself. He’s pretty awesome and we’re a pretty great team <3

Fathers Day Pool Look at how long her hair is!!! She is still a bit timid in the pool, but still had fun this weekend. I the picture below she was pointing at the water saying “AGUA!” I’ve mentioned it before, but Kara goes to an at home daycare and the mostly speak Spanish to the kids. It’s pretty cool because as of right now, Kara is completely bilingual. She understands both langues and speaks both as well. She’s so advanced 😉


Backing up in the week a little… I started running again. I really owe you guys a post on my “on again off again” running. I started Thursday (4 miles) and ran Friday (6 miles) and Saturday (8 miles) on the treadmill. It’s is uber hot and humid here in Florida and I knew taking it a bit easier on the mill after not running for a month would be a smart idea.

Treadmill MilesI hit the road with some girlfriends Sunday morning and it was tough! I was sweating bullets and definitely not acclimated to the temperature. Thankfully, they kept it nice and easy and I was able to chat and keep up with them. Keeping your hydration up is so important when running in the heat and humidity, so I had my bottle of Nuun before and after my run. I wore this outfit during the Towpath Marathon, which I ran 10 months post partum and tried to channel that inner toughness, haha.

Fathers Day Run

After my 8 treadmill miles on Saturday, Kara insisted on putting on my nasty running socks and going for a run with her bottle while I stretched. It was the cutest thing. Gosh I love this kid!

Moms running shoes

And just for a random food shot… I had a delicious Panera salad last week. I almost always get the Seasonal Greens Salad with added chicken. I switch the raw red onions for the pickled ones and all the free stuff I can 🙂 Extra cucumbers, spinach, kale mix, sofrito, almonds, and had hoisin sauce for the dressing. Love it.

Panera Salad

I hope everyone has a great week! Linking up with The Weekly Wrap, Mommy Moments, MIMM and Inspire Me Monday!


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