A Busy, Fun Weekend

It was a busy weekend in the Winchell household! But let’s start with last week…

Todd took the week off of work to get some stuff done around the house. We’ve lived in our house for over a year now and are slowly decorating. Todd did this navy shiplap wall and it turned out awesome! Now we have to decide whether or not to paint the speakers navy or keep them white…

Shiplap Wall

I received two awesome shipments during the week! I love me a Western Bagel. This was my first time trying the Begelettes and I’m a huge fan. 60 calories, 14 carbs and 4 grams of protein. The perfect mini grab and go bite. I am so excited to try all the Karma Nuts varieties! I’ve tried the Coconut (not overly sweet) and Peri Peri (has an awesome spicy kick) and have enjoyed them both! Karma Nuts Western Bagel

Kara is ALL ABOUT helping these days! If I’m in the kitchen, she wants to help cook, if we’re putting on our shoes, she helps with our socks, if I spill water on the floor, she’ll wipe it up. So when Todd started a project in the gym, she was there, socket wrench and all! And yes, we HAD to have all the bows…Kara HelperAnd the final product… a power rack. I was a little leery at first, as it was taking over MY treadmill room (that’s not selfish at all ;)) but I know it will help me get stronger and gives me no excuses not to lift.

Power RackI had some pretty great runs through out the week. On Wednesday and Saturday I did mini speed workouts, both consisting of a warm up and 5 x .75 miles @ 7:30 pace with .25 rest and a cool down. They felt great and it was nice to have some leg turnover.

Mini Speed Work

I used my Heart Zones Blink 3.0 for the Saturday run… not sure what a good baseline is… guess I need to do some research! I like that I can wear then band on my forearm instead of my chest, however, I’m bummed that you have to have your phone near you to capture the data, as I don’t run outside with my phone- ever.

Heart Rate Info

Saturday afternoon I had a tea party to go to! It was my friends Bridal Shower and it was at a tea room for High Tea… during lunch. We each got one of each kind of sammie (note how tiny they are), one scone, some fruit, one cake ball and one strawberry. To say I was starving after my run and that little lunch is an understatement. RUNger is real my friends. The tea was pretty good, but the place was warm. No one wants to be warm while drinking hot tea… just saying.

High TeaSunday morning started the way it always does when I can run… with a long run! I got in 8 miles with a girlfriend and was dreading the last 4 by myself. It’s just so hot and humid!! I know I’m preaching to the choir though. I’ve only done 2 runs outside prior to this, so I wouldn’t say I’m acclimated yet, but it wasn’t the worst run.

Sunday 12 miles

Sunday afternoon was one of Kara’s friends 1st birthday. Kara can be really shy and take awhile to warm up (she got that from her dad), but once she did, she was all over the place and had a ball… literally! It was a nautical theme and they had cute beach balls for the kids.

Audreys Party

We wrapped up the weekend cooking dinner as a fam. Kara is ALWAYS eating while we prep and ALWAYS has to go outside with Todd when he grills. She gets pissed when he starts walking to the back door without her.

Dinner Prep

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a fantastic week! Linking up with The Weekly Wrap, Mommy Moments, MIMM and Inspire Me Monday!

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  1. Oh wow, that painted shiplap is beautiful! Looks like such an awesome weekend. Happy to have found your blog today! I’m visiting from Mommy Moments. 🙂

    • I love link ups for that exact reason! I get to find so many new blogs! Thanks, I was really proud of him for doing that!

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