RUNNING! Pizza, Family and Fun

I’m one of those unlucky people that had to work today- wah wah. But that’s OK… half the people took today off so it’ll be quiet at work. Today is Kara’s 1 year 7 month Bday, so we took some extra time this morning to hang out.

19 months

She loves her DaDa

Last week started on a high note with this delicious brownie… A lady at work makes them and they are so ooey and gooey and rich and fudgey and perfect.
Perfect BrowniesI started tracking my heart rate during my runs thanks to my Heart Zones Blink 3.0. I like that I can wear it on my forearm and not my chest so it doesn’t chafe. In the run below, I did an easy 6 miles on the treadmill at an 8:40 pace with a 146 average HR (not including the spikes).
6 Easy HR run

I wanted to compare an easy run on the treadmill with an easy one outside, so I did 6 easy Saturday at the trail with my friend Stephanie. I figured out that I can pair the Blink to my Garmin! Woo Hoo! Looks like the heat humidity didn’t affect me too much and that 150ish is my easy pace HR… something I should probably work on. It’s definitely interesting though!

Heart Zones Blink 3

Not sure why the calories are so low for a 6 miler…

I got in an awesome run Wednesday run with Jolene. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but it’s freakin HOT and HUMID out. I was surprised that I was able to hit that pace, but the miles with Jolene always fly by. Nuun before and after always helps, too πŸ™‚ (I hadn’t figured out how to use my Blink with my Garmin yet)Jo Wed Run

I forgot to tell you guys about my piggy slippers! Got them a few weeks ago and have been loving them! I keep them at work because it gets so cold in my area at work.Pig Slippers

Saturday was another Baby Crafting day. We did 4th of July “firework” crafts and I love the outcome. Kara has NOT been into putting her hands or feet in paint lately, so this was right up her ally.

4th of July Baby CraftingMy Sunday Funday was a success. It started off with another awesome run with Jolene. She drove to my house and dropped some water bottles on the way over. We did a warm up, 3 fast miles with a short rest, followed by striders and 7 more miles. She dropped the water halfway so that we’d have hydration during the run. I haven’t done any fast miles outside, so I was nervous about how this would go, but I did alright and actually hit my 3 milers at 7:45, 7:35 and 7:25. Pretty pleased with that.

Jolene Sunday Run

8:08 avg pace. Sweet! We sat out on the driveway, drank our Nuun, stretched and chatted some more. Any mom out there knows the second you walk in the house, it’s go time with the kids, so we were both fine with taking some extra time to cool off and recover. Once I went inside, Kara was there waiting to share her banana with me. Now that’s love.

Cristinos PizzaRunning, family and food is my perfect day. After my run with Jo, we met up with my mom, dad, sister and her BF for lunch at Cristino’s Pizza. If you’re not new to the blog, you know it’s our fave pizza place (first time thereΒ 2013). It’s a long drive though and Kara is NOT a fan of the car, so that sucked, but the pizza was delicious! Obviously Kara loved the pizza and gelato. Each couple got a large pizza and we left with NO leftovers πŸ™‚ That’s how we roll. I think they should sponsor me… Oct 2014 Visit,Β Non Running Pizza Day, VDay when Todd was gone, Kara’s First Visit, More Crafting and Pizza.

Hope everyone has a fun (safe) 4th of July! Linking up with The Weekly Wrap, Mommy Moments, MIMM and Inspire Me Monday!

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  1. I have to work today too, and my department does have tomorrow off, but I don’t work on Tuesday’s anyway!! So I get zero benefit. I do get some holiday pay for it sooo I guess I’ll take that! HA. I’m dying over that brownie. It looks like perfection.

    • We have tomorrow off, which is nice and will make for an awesome 2nd half of the week, haha. I could eat those brownies every. Damn. Day.

  2. Those brownies look yummy! And that pizza looks delicious too or maybe it is because I am hungry right now?

    Great job on your run with Jolene and for hitting those runs in the 7:00s.

    • Thanks girl! Both were killer, but ya, almost any food looks extra good when you’re hungry, haha.

    • A little late to respond… sorry! The day really was a waste. Those brownies are rediculously good. It’s actually just 2 of the Ghiradelli double choc chunk mixes in a 9 x 13. Not sure if she adds more oil than called for or not… sounds too easy to be that good…

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