WIAW: Running Routine

I thought it would be fun to do a WIAW about my food and routine on a work day when I’m running. So here it goes…

Wake up at early-o’clock! Depending on my run, I’ll either drink Nuun or Amino Energy or both, while I foam roll. After sleeping all night, my legs are tight and need a little warming up before I start working them. I save the BCAA’s for after a run.


Start running! I either hop on the treadmill or meet Jolene to run outside. During the week I keep my runs to 6-8 miles and vary the speeds/workouts.


Finish my run, stretch and have a few bites of something to refuel before I have my real breakfast at work. Enlightened or Halo Top are perfect because they are cold (obviously) and have a great protein to carb ratio.


Get ready! I shower, get ready, put clothes on and drive into work, where I do my hair. There aren’t any outlets in our restrooms, so my Director lets me blow dry and straighten my hair in his office. He even has a mirror for me in there! Now that’s work life balance!

On my drive into work, I drink a full water bottle, to keep my hydration up. Depending on how hungry I am, I either eat breakfast or have coffee. I usually have 2 cups of either decaf or half calf a day with a scoop of Vital Proteins. I really think this stuff had helped my hair grow stronger.

Vital ProteinsBreakfast baby! I mix up my breakfasts, but typically it’s a combination of one of the below. I always try and get in a carb and protein source. Western Bagels, Zoats (zucchini cooked in oats), Cream of wheat/grits, Yogurt with chia seeds or fruit.

BreakfastsLunch Time! A few hours later, I’m ready for lunch. Eight times outta ten, it’s a large salad with chicken… which is why it’s all I have pictures of, haha. The other meals are left overs: chicken/pork/tuna, grilled/sauteed veggies, roasted potatoes/rice. I love the Bolthouse dressings for my salads because they are lower in calories but have a great flavor- not diety at all.

Salad Lunches

Snack Time! My snacks are all over the place! Yogurt- I don’t usually like the flavored yogurts, but I really like the cherry chocolate Dannon Light & Fit. Nuts- My FAVE are the Trader Joe’s Salted Rosemary Marcona Almonds, but I don’t discriminate. The Karma Nuts are really yummy, but sometimes I want just plan ole nuts. Veggies- Sometimes I have raw sometimes I have cooked, but I try to eat them at some point as a snack. “Treats-” Lenny & Larry’s Cookies, Quest Bars, stuff like that. I don’t eat them regularly, but every once in a while. I usually ed up eating 2 snacks in the afternoon.


Dinner! ALWAYS a combo of protein, carbs and veggies and ALWAYS colorful! Kara partakes in whatever we’re eating… she loves food like her mama.

DinnersDessert! I truly believe in treating yourself daily… whether that’s a half/pint of Halo, a piece or two of dark chocolate or a nut butter shot… just a little something.

DessertSo there you have it. My routine and eats on a running day. Have a great rest of your week!

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