4th of July, Running, Injections & My Little Helper

Happy Monday! Last week was a weird one, huh?! We had to work Monday, had Tuesday off and then worked the rest of the week. Made for a very unproductive week, work wise, if you ask me, but productive in every other area, haha.

On Tuesday, we went to the Glazer Children’s Museum with Nana. If you live or are visiting Tampa and have kids you HAVE to go there. The mission of the Glazer Children’s Museum is to create learning environments where children play, discover, and connect to the world around them to develop as lifelong learners and leaders.

4th of July 2017

Kara had a blast playing in all the difference areas, but I know she’ll love it even more in a year or so. She isn’t old enough to do some of the activities yet, but impressed me by leading the way and not wanting to be carried everywhere (she’s very shy). That evening, Todd put together some veggie kabobs and grilled those and steaks. It was a pretty delicious dinner!

July 4th Food

Wednesday morning, Jolene met me nice and early for a run. We busted out 8 miles at a 8:24 pace and in the heat and humidity, I was happy with a 148 avg heart rate. We are both using the Heart Zones Blink 3.0 and love it. (I wasn’t happy with that 168 cadence… where did my 180’s go?)

Jolene Run HR


I also had an appointment Wednesday with my new infertility doc. Before every cycle starts, they do blood work and a sonogram to check my uterine lining, make sure I don’t have any cysts, and see where my follicles are at. He said everything looked great and I’d start injections Thursday night. So that I did!

Round 6 injections

I love two things about this new doc… 1) HE is the one that does my sonos. This means that I see him every appointment. With my old practice, I NEVER saw the doc. Never. I never got to talk to him directly- unless I wanted to schedule an $80 appointment. The sono techs and nurses were all nice, but sometimes you just want to talk to the man controlling your baby making.


6 easy miles @ 8:50 w/ 135 heart rate

And 2) he doesn’t mind me running during the injection stage… as long as it’s easy. No problem dude! Before, I wasn’t “allowed” to run at all. Only between failed/cancelled cycles for a few days. Being able to run, even if it is less and slower, is such a stress reliever for someone like me who just loves to run. It’s my “me time,” my therapy, my escape. It’s some sense of normalcy and control that I don’t have with infertility. Halo doesn’t hurt either 😉

Walmart Halo

Kara is ALL ABOUT helping these days. I freakin love it! She wants to push the cart, add the seasoning, mix the batter, chop the veggies, pour the milk, measure the rice, you name it, she wants to do it.

Pancake HelperI know I say it every week, but she is just getting better and better. Her little personality has really come out. She’s a year and a half and learning so quickly. The at-home daycare she’s at is run by two Spanish ladies who speak to them in Spanish a lot. Becuase of this, she is pretty much bilingual. She understands both and speaks a bit of each.

Squash Cutting Our weekend was pretty laid back. There were thunderstorms both days (hello, summer in FL) and other than a trip to the park and pool, we hung around the house. Rainy days call for Cheerios and cartoons.


We ended the weekend on a high note with some Publix Ultimate Subs. Another thing you must do/eat when/if you’re in Tampa. I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like a Pub Sub. There’s something about them that’s just so good.

Pub Sub

Hope everyone has a fabulous- regular- week. I think work wise I’ll be WAY more productive, although I have a feeling the week will drag by. Here’s hoping I’m wrong 🙂 Linking up with The Weekly WrapMommy MomentsMIMM and Inspire Me Monday!

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  1. You’ve got such a pretty little helper! I hope your infertility treatments are successful! It is wonderful you are allowed to run. I can’t believe you didn’t get to actually see your old doctor during this stage.

    • I wouldn’t have seen a doctor the past 5 rounds had it not been for us switching docs (within the same practice) and we STILL had to pay a co-pay. AHhh! I know all the stress/money will be worth it bc of that little helper I have already <3

    • Me, too! It is SO CUTE when you ask her a question and she says, SI! It kind of sounds like Theee, lol.

  2. I love it when the littles start being helpful. When my son got to that phase it was just so cute! We have a Children’s Museum here in Charleston that we love going to. It looks similar to the one you have in Tampa. If we ever get out that way, we’ll definitely check it out!

    Thanks for linking! 🙂

    • Ditto! I think those kind of “museums” are awesome and love that kids can just be kids and PLAY… while learning 🙂

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