Mini Update, Food, Family and Running… Just the Usual

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We kept things low key, with the normal running eating and family time, but lets start with last week…

Every Monday I take a rest day. Even (especially) when I was marathon training. It’s super important to let your body rest so your muscles have time to repair and work harder for you next time! So instead of a running pic, I’ll show you a delicious everything bagel from Western Bagel (160 cals, 21 carbs, 19 protein- use code HRFBagels for 15% off) with cream cheese. Love these things.
Western Bagel and Cream Cheese

I was lucky enough to get in THREE runs with Jolene– Wed, Fri and Sunday. You can tell what sweaty messes we were! I know I’ve said it a million times, but I really cherish every mile I get to run with her. The time flys by and we chat about everything! And to think… we met through this blog almost 4 years ago! We’ve both been dabbling in the heart rate training with our HeartZones monitors and I need to learn more! Hopefully I’ll have a post about that up soon!
Jo RunsAnother thing I should note about these pics is my lack of shirt. The past 6 months have been a roller coaster of hormones, weight fluctuations, water retention, bloating, ect. That leaves a lady very self conscious and uncomfortable. I wouldn’t be caught dead without a shirt, showing off my huge gut (yes, I know it wasn’t really a gut, but to those who don’t my situation it looked like I needed to lay off the burgers and cake). That being said… this round with the new doc has been different. He is taking things slower dosage wise and I think that has helped some of the excessive bloating and “weight gain.” The only down side to this is that we are self pay, meaning insurance covers NOTHING. So a longer cycle means more $$$. At this point we are willing to pay it, as we like the new doc SO MUCH. Let’s hope this is our month and we don’t have to worry about the financial side of this anymore!

Snack PlateSwitching subjects… am I the only one who goes to their parents house and steal their food? The first thing I do when I walk in is say hello and head to the fridge, haha. Here we have a snack plate full of veggies, chicken, pasta and a bite of tuna (there wasn’t much left). I DID go back for more pasta, but that’s only because Kara wanted more 😉

Kara ParkSpeaking of Kara… How freaking cute is she? I know I’m biased, but she is so adorable. She loves the playground- specifically, cleaning the mulch off (that’s the Todd in her!) and going down the slide. Seeing her happy makes my heart so full!

THIS was pretty cool! Can you find me?! I ran this last year and made their website this year!


Jolene and I’s run on Sunday was great- see right pic in the collage above. We decided to sleep in a bit and start at 7. She ALWAYS comes to me to run since I usually have to head inside immediately after to get ready for work, so I headed her way this weekend! Thankfully, she had a shady route that helped with the heat! I headed home in time to make pancakes with Kara and have breakfast with the fam!Watch n Pancakes

Hopefully I’ll be pregnant soon and won’t be able to eat sushi! I had to get in one last roll… OK, three rolls… so we dropped Kara at my parents for a day date with all the sushi! It was delicious and yes, I ate every bite. Todd had his own three. Tuna cucumber, spicy tuna and my fave bagel. It was a great way to end the weekend.

All the SushiHere’s to a week of growing follicles, some running, lots of family time, oh and some productivity at work 😉 Linking up with The Weekly WrapMommy MomentsMIMM and Inspire Me Monday!

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    • Well thank you… I know once the meds increase, so will the bloat! And Jolene and I are definitely sole sisters!

  1. I’ve been doing heart rate training since December…I feel like I can’t gage if it is actually working or not! Can’t wait to hear what you think about it!!
    Yes Kara is super cute!! As always!
    Good luck with this cycle…I hope it works! Positive vibes!!

    • I’ve been tracking it for a few weeks now and besides the obvious correlations, I’m not sure it’s working either! Although I haven’t found a good way to “train” with it yet. As of right now I’m just tracking my HR.

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