Great Running, Lasagna, Cake and Family

I got in two really great runs with Jolene last week. I don’t know what happened, but out of no where, my comfortable pace dropped to the low 8:00’s. Not gonna lie, it felt good! I know running with Jolene is what helped. Miles fly by with her. I really focused on listening to her footsteps to increase my cadence and it worked! Look at the difference between the first and second run! I was also able to keep my heart rate at a respectable 157-160, which, for that pace in the heat and humidity, I was happy with 🙂

Jo Running

Kara got new shoes and she was in love with them! Just like she loves putting my shoes on and pretends/tries to run, haha.

Kara Shoes

Saturday morning I got the privilege to run with Jolene and her daughter’s cross country team! I was a bit nervous because those girls are fast! But thankfully, they had an easier run on the docket so I just tried to keep up! It started POURING right as we were going to start, so we all piled in Jolene’s van to wait it out. Storms here tend to pass quickly in the summer. We finally got out there and the sun came out just for our run. Right as we finished it started pouring again, haha. I had a blast though and was happy with the pace 🙂

XC run

We celebrated my dad’s birthday Saturday. The whole family came over to hang out. I love spending time with them and seeing Kara’s relationship with each one of them grow. She asks for Nana ALL the time, plays so well with my dad and loves her aunt Kristin (and cousin Henry- the bulldog).

Dad Family Time

My dad requested Ham & Asparagus Lasagna, a family favorite, for dinner. I know it sounds like a weird combo but it’s delicious!

Ham Asparagus LasagnaFor dessert, surprise surprise, he wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (last years). My mom was worried about how the cake would turn out with the weather (rainy, humid, hot) but I’d say it came out juuuuust fine! Nice and tall and delicious! Kara ate more cake and ice cream than usual (see the pic collage above) and was running around like crazy! Sugar high for real!

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Sunday, of course, started with a run, followed by pancakes with Todd and Kara. She loves blueberries and pancakes!

Kara Blueberry Pancakes

It was rainy all weekend and we ended up just hanging out around the house, which is fine by me! I have a doctors appointment this (Monday) morning and will hopefully have an update for you guys this week in terms of Baby #2… don’t get excited, we haven’t even gotten to the IUI process. Linking up with The Weekly WrapMommy MomentsMIMM and Inspire Me Monday! Have a great one friends!

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  1. It’s wonderful you have someone to run with that pushes you to a faster comfortable pace. Asparagus and ham are two things I would not think to put together but I trust you that it tastes good. I wish I had a slice of that cake!

    • Running with faster people totally makes you faster! It’s one of my tricks- if you can call it that. I want another piece of that cake, too!

  2. I’m so glad the girls got to meet you!!!! Those cakes always look amazing and you definitely earned it after that run! Kara is so cute…love the blueberries on her lips!!!

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