A Fun Week for the Winchell’s

Last week had just enough going on to keep us on our toes and having fun! I think the highlight of my week was Kara pooping in the potty! I swore I’d never be THAT mom that posts pictures of her kids poop, but here I am! haha. At least I covered it up… Kara is always pulling on her diaper and saying poo poo. We sit on the potty regularly, even though she normally just wants toilet paper to wipe, but we haven’t officially started “training” her. Wednesday night while I was lifting weights and Todd and Kara were in the gym keeping me company, Kara randomly said poo poo. So Todd took her diaper off and out her on the potty. She started pushing (you could see her little face scrunch up) and then boom! Poop! We clapped and praised her so much. She was SO proud! And so were we <3

Karas First PoopAnother super exciting thing that happened (but not nearly as exciting as poop) was Halo Top announcing new flavors! Eeee… sounds silly, but I’m so excited. These have been my vice lately and I’ve been having one almost every night… it’s an expensive habit that I need to kick. Maybe Halo would be willing to send my the new flavors to review for free??? Fingers crossed.

New Halo Flavors

I’ve been loving my Western Bagels for breakfast and/or snacks lately. I’m running low though and it makes me nervous! Like a lot of the fun products I try (like the Cali’flour Crusts in this post), they can be expensive with shipping. (See expensive ice cream above) But these are just so darn good and I love that they have added protein. Have any of you guys tried these yet? If you sign up for an account and use code HRFBagels you get 15% off 🙂 Look at all that everything spice!

Western Bagel Perfect 10

I had a pretty good week of running. Took a few slower rest days, as well as some mini speed sessions. I know it’s nothing crazy, but turning my legs over a little faster just does something for my runner’s high!!


I flexed on Friday and was able to leave early. I had lunch with my sister, picked Kara up early from daycare and grabbed froyo with a friend. Kara was all about eating out of the sample cups with the “tasting” spoons. Both things that are just her size! I seriously love this kid so much.
Kara Froyo

Kara decided to wake up at 5:15AM with me on Saturday to help me get ready for my run :/ I had my Nuun and we shared a banana while I foam rolled. While I loved seeing her adorable face before I left, that meant that Todd had to get up that early, too, to watch her, so that stinks. I am more than grateful for him! He watches her a lot so that I can run <3

Early KaraThe running community is pretty awesome and social media can be, too! I met Missy through Instagram (@heatherrunsfast) and when we found out we’d be 30 minutes from each other, we scheduled a long run together. She had 12 miles on her plan and I was down for that! Both of our husbands were worried about the person on the other side of the account, but thankfully we both turned out to be who we said we were 😉 The run was great and we never ran out of things to talk about. Isn’t that funny… this girl I’ve never met before and we were chatting like old friends. How awesome.

MissySaturday afternoon we had a 3rd Birthday to go to and Kara was all about it! The place was called MyGym and it’s kind of like Gymboree- a “playground” of sorts for younger kids/ toddlers. She loved running around and being silly, but she especially liked the pizza…

Party Pizza

Sunday was spent relaxing. I did an EASY 6 miles, watched the IAAF World Championship Marathon while eating pancakes, played with Kara (duh) and hung out at my parents for a bit. The perfect end to my weekend. Oh and food prepped. Not my fave thing, but makes the following week a heck of a lot easier! (and yes, Kara insisted on wearing her swim diaper over her regular diaper while we played)

Sunday Fun

I hope everyone has a GREAT week 🙂 Linking up with The Weekly WrapMommy MomentsMIMMWeek In Review and Inspire Me Monday!

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  1. Sooo not the same as your sweet girl at all, but we’ve been trying to break my puppy from pooping in this one spot in the house so my husband and I have talked about poop way too much lately too. lol
    Hope you are having a great Monday.

    • Poop talk is always fun… and puppies ARE like kids. Hope you’re pooping escapades are successful, too!

  2. Oh my gosh – those new Halo flavors!! I can’t wait to try them!

    Haha! We’re on the end of potty training over here… just trying to get our daughter to not have as many accidents during the day and hopefully sleep through the night without a pull-up. Oh the joys of parenting!

  3. Congrats on the poop milestone! Isn’t it awesome how you can meet other runners and feel like you’ve known them forever? Chatting sure helps those miles pass quicker too. I finally tried Halo Top for the first time (about time Publix!). It was yummy.

    • Yay!!! Glad you liked it. I mean, it’s no REAL ice cream, but you can eat so much of it, haha. The running community is so awesome

  4. I’m so jealous you’ve already got a semi-potty trained kid!!!! I’m in the midst of it with the twins and it is brutal. If I could get my hands on some caramel macchiato Halo Top, I might survive it.

    • HAHA! I’d say VERY semi… she’s only done it once, haha. She’s still in diapers all day, but the fact that she likes the potty makes me happy! Super good luck to you- times two!!!

    • You’re lucky you can “just pick them up!” Pretty much everyone else has to purchase them online and pay for shipping… so jealous!!!

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