My Weekly Run Schedule These Days + the Weekend

Happy Monday Folks! Last week was somewhat less hectic than others but, as usual, it flew by. How we are already in the middle of August just baffles me! Since I’m not training for anything, I figured I’d give you a little rundown of my runs during the week, with some “last week life” thrown in…

Monday: I always take Monday as a rest day. Ever since I started running, I’d take the day after my long run off. Some people like to do a little shake out run, but for me, a complete day off works best. Plus, with work, it’s an easy way to slide into the work week.

Tuesday: I’ll typically do either an easy or progression run on Tuesday. This past week my legs were feeling great so I went with a progression. I started at an 8:40 pace and worked my way down. Normally though, I take this one easier 😉

Progression Run


Wednesday: I’ll add in a little speed/tempo sesh just to get my legs turning over. I’m not training for anything, so there’s no real plan or workout I have to do, I just genuinely like picking up the pace 🙂 Tempos being my fave!

Wednesday Tempo

I had this delicious pizza at work last week. It was on their healthier menu, so there was a little less cheese/grease but still plenty or flavor and crust- my fave part!

Work Pizza

Thursday: I keep it easy peasy! After my “workout” Wednesday and potentially a quicker run Tuesday, my legs are ready for some slow miles. I keep the pace high and heart rate low.

Tuesday Run

Friday: I do a medium paced pace. Nothing fast but not slow either. Luckily, I usually get to use Jolene for these runs. The miles FLY BY with her and half the time we end up going faster than either of us expect. We don’t look at our watched, we just run!

Jolene RunI guess most of the fun came over the week- duh! I ended up getting an invite to the Eagles Cross Country Team run Saturday morning. And by “invite” I  mean, Jolene text me asking if I wanted to join, that the girls want to save me from the treadmill. Ha! So true, I DO do a lot of running on the treadmill. I like it, it’s safe at 4:30AM and I can do it with AC/TV/FAN. The girls are so welcoming and nice to know this 31 year old can stick with the teen XC girls on their easy days, haha. It was a blast, per usual.

Eagle XC RunSaturday: Like I mentioned, I’m usually on the treadmill for my Saturday run and I keep it around an 8:30 pace, but I just couldn’t pass up the offer to run with the girls this weekend.

I started Round 7 injections Saturday night- YAY. Like I’ve said before, being able to run during a cycle makes it all the more easier to get through it. It’s my therapy and it’s keeping me sane. Here’s to another few weeks of injections and hopefully a BABY!!!

IUI Round 7Speaking of baby… Kara had a blast at the pool! She was splashing in the little fountains and rockin her sunglasses. This kid is too much. Her current favorite thing is “airpains” (airplanes) and she looks and asks for them CONSTANTLY.

Kara Pool August

Sunday: Long Run Day! Again, since I’m not training for anything, this can vary from an 8 miler to a 14 miler. I probably won’t do more than that for a while, especially while doing injections. My good friend and training partner Kristin had been out of town for over a month and I was so happy to have her back! She ran every Sunday LR with me for Towpath and Disney after Kara and it was such a blessing!

Sunday Long Run with KristinAfter that pretty great run and to celebrate the start of another round, Todd and I dropped Kara at my parents and headed out for a day date! I was in the mood for sushi and hopefully be the last time I can have it 🙂 I always get three rolls: bagel, salmon cucumber and spicy tuna, and they were DELICIOUS!

August Sushi DateDon’t mind the no make- I have a no make up rule on the weekends. Linking up with The Weekly WrapMommy MomentsMIMMWeek In Review and Inspire Me Monday!




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  1. Wow, what a great running week. And getting up at 4 something a.m. to run? THAT’s motivation!
    Love me some sushi – I had some last night and it was delicious!

    • I’d much rather run in the AM than after work… I just don’t have the motivation to run after being busy all day!

  2. I’m on the #alwaysmissamonday wagon. I think it’s the perfect day for rest — especially after an active weekend. It must be great to have a long run partner. Running with the girls sound like a blast too. Good luck with this round of treatment. Fingers crossed.

    • Thank you!!! Yay for resting Mondays. Having a partner for long runs makes it SO much easier… really, running friends for any run are awesome.

    • It’s much easier for me to run before work than after, even if I have to get up early. After being on my feet and being busy with work, the last thing I want to do is run- plus, then I have more time with Kara 🙂

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