A Little Late… Week In Review

Monday: I usually take Monday as a rest day, but due to doctors appointments and work obligations, I had to change some runs around. Since I’d had a long run the day before, I kept it easy, with my hear rate low. Seems like a long time ago now, but last Monday was the Solar Eclipse. At daycare, Kara did some crafting and at work I planned an ice cream viewing party for our 550 employees. It was a hit! Kara has started loving to put her hair in a pony tail and is still loving all the food, haha. Look at that balanced plate!

Aug 21

Tuesday/Wednesday: Western Bagel Perfect 10 Bagels with strawberry cream cheese and pb have been my go to snack in the late morning. The protein tides me over to lunch and the carbness satiates me. There’s a few more days to take advantage of Nuun’s Friends and Family Discount! I did a mini progression run Wednesday just to mix the paces up on the treadmill. Kara is all about being like mommy and had to put my necklace on. I love that girl. Her shirt says, “Strong Like Mom.” Heck ya!

Tues Wed

Thursday: Started off the best way… with a Jolene run! We negative split that run like a boss and really nailed that last mile. It felt amazing.

Thurs Jo Run

At work, we went to Doc B’s for lunch for a co-workers birthday. We got their sweet potato chips and guac as an app and they were phenomenal! I wanted to keep it healthy, so I got a wok bowl with Tuna and sauce on the side. It didn’t really need a sauce (but I love roasted veggies so there’s that) so I just lightly drizzled it on. The birthday boy got a burger and had a few bites left over so I jumped on that opportunity and tried it- SO GOOD.

Doc Bs

Friday: Tempos are my favorite workouts, so I did an easier tempo run and felt strong the whole time. Made it to work by 7AM- boom. In the afternoon, Kara and I had a froyo date. It’s becoming a Friday tradition and she’s getting good at using that mini spoon!

Fri Aug 25

Saturday: I got to sleep in until 7:22AM! HECK YA!!! Ran an easy 6 miles on the treadmill while Kara and Todd played in the living room. They visited me a few times and got a pic for me 🙂 The weekends for the Winchell’s means pancakes!!! Chocolate chip Kodiak cakes for the win!

Sat Aug 26

Sunday: In an effort to get a little extra shut eye (waking up between 3:45-4:15 every morning during the work week can take it’s toll 😉 I met my girlfriend up for a run a little later than normal. Starting a long run after 6AM in FL during the summer is just dumb, but I took the risk since I had no workout or time goal. Thankfully there was a ton of cloud cover and we kept the pace easy. I felt like I could go forever. And it. felt. awesome.

Sun Aug 27 LR

Phew! That was long! If you’re still reading (or just looking at the pics, haha) thank you! Hope everyone is having a great week so far and is looking forward to the long weekend!

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  1. That’s a lot of ice cream in your shopping cart! I bet you got a few strange looks before leaving the grocery store 🙂 But what a fun way to see and celebrate the eclipse!

    Sounds like a great week of running! Thanks for linking up Heather!

    • I got more strange looks loading it into my car, haha. And believe it or not, all that was only $215! Thanks for hosting!

    • I love that pony! She is obsessed with having it up when’s she home. It’s too adorable! And thank you!!

    • I’ve been an early bird all my life, but taken it to a whole new level lately, haha. 5:45AM is still early!!!

  2. Well, you definitely got me beat with your wake-ups…I’m usually waking around 5:00 (often times before the alarm). On occasion, I’m up around 4:30 to meet my running/training friend for our 5 at 5 (that is, when I’m actually running and not side-lined in recovery). Great week!

    • Being sidelined is so hard! Sending healing vibes your way! 4:30-5AM is still early… I’m just crazy, haha

  3. Read every word and loved all the photos too! I’m based in Botswana so during summer we also have to get up quite early otherwise the heat is plain torture!

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