Lots of Miles to 0 Miles and Our Weekend

I’ve been logging some pretty great mileage the last month or so! I can 100% say that it has made a huge difference in how this cycle of injections has gone. Both mentally and physically I’ve been in a better place. Not being able to exercise makes me feel like crap and that’s what I had to do at my previous Reproductive Doctor. Not only was I bloated from the meds, but from not being able to sweat. (TMI: and not being able to crap! exercising keeps me regular!) So this go around I’ve been in a much better place. My follicles (lots of them) were growing and I knew my running days were numbered, so I started the week off strong with an 8 miler with Jolene. We ran by feel and it felt great! I figured this would be my last run for a while, so I was super happy I was able to do it with Jolene.

Last Jolene Run

I ended up needing another day for my follicles to grow, which meant one more run… I did a slower tempo run of sorts. Again, it felt awesome and pretty easy… made me want to start marathon training again, haha. AND I got it DONE before 5:15am. Boom.

Tempo Run

I had a doctors appointment that afternoon (Tuesday) and found out I was going to take the trigger shot (what makes me ovulate) the following night. I went to work Wednesday and just felt like I needed ONE LAST run… for real this time. At this point though, I had a good number of follicles and let me tell you, it felt heavy “down there.” I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and kept it nice and slow.

three Miles

My IUI was scheduled for Friday morning and my running was done. A small price to pay to hopefully get pregnant! So if you’re sick of seeing sweaty pics with Jolene and boring treadmill runs, then you’re in luck! More Kara and food and family will be on the blog for a bit! So… switching topics… I’ve been on a Western Bagel kick lately. Strawberry cream cheese on one side, peanut butter on the other. Keeps me full and satisfied… until snack time 😉 Create an account and use code HFRbagels for 15% off!Western Bagel

I was able to work from home on Friday after the IUI, but Todd still took Kara into daycare so that I could work peacefully and with my feet up! This didn’t stop me from having our Friday Girls Froyo Date though! I picked Kara up in the afternoon and the tradition continued. The strawberries and kiwi totally cancel out the froyo right?! 😉Friday Froyo DateSaturday and Sunday were almost the same day… Sleep in, have bananas/oatmeal/waffles/milk for breakfast, watch Full House (you don’t know how happy it makes me that she likes this show at such a young age), snack on veggies, etc. Speaking of eating… this kid is such a good eater (knock on wood). The oatmeal has pumpkin in it (so basic 😉 and she’s eating sauteed green peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and squash, I mean, come on. That’s amazing. I truly believe that you can make or break your kids eating habits. Will she always eat as well as she does now? Probably not, but starting her on the right track and not giving in to what’s easy is something I feel is super important and for her best interest.

weekend food

OK- I’ll get off my soap box… we also went to the park both mornings! One of my longest best friends Ashley met us up with her little boy Blake for a swinging date. She had to go through IVF to get pregnant and knows everything I’m going through, and then some, so she’s a great support system for me 🙂 It was great catching up <3 The next day Kara was cracking me up in the stroller. We sing and look for airplanes on the walk to the park and this kid is just something else. I freakin love her so much.

Park Play Date

Saturday was grocery shopping and play time and Sunday was Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Kristin time. Kara and I’s favorite time <3 I feel like last week was the previous week in reverse, haha. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day and hopefully you have it off! We do and we’ll be doing some fun baby crafting! I’ll have a Round 7 IUI #4 update for you this week!

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  1. Good luck on the IUI. I’m sending positive energy vibes your way.

    Kara is adorable and such a good eater. We’re working on Ave with that. She loves veggies so it’s been easy. Last week at the zoo, we snacked on blanched green beans and this morning I let her have two popsicles for a snack….made from my own beet juice smoothies. Ha.

    • That’s awesome! Ya, I’m that weird mom that pulls out veggies and healthy food for my kid. We had a play date with some friends yesterday and a mom brought donut holes… every toddler kept going back for more (they were placed on a kid table) having 4 or more and after Kara had 1 I told her no more and gave her a banana muffin we had brought (homemade mini muffin with applesauce instead of oil and just a little sugar). There is no need for an almost 2 year old to be eating 4 donut holes on a random Monday. Just. Saying.

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