Infertility Update: Round 7

What a whirlwind the end of this round was. We started injections August 12th. After overstimulating last round (and a few before that) we decided to take things REALLY slow. I did 1 amp (75ml) of Follistim for 10ish days, then added half an amp of Menopur for 6 days. We finally got to a potential trigger day and boom- too many follicles again. My M.O. seems to be that my follicles take a long time to start growing, but once they do, they take off! That’s a perfect marathon race plan (negative splitting) but not so much for IUI.


I had 9 follicles over 14mm. Most doctors won’t let you trigger (an HCG shot that tells my body to ovulate/release my eggs) with more than 4-5 follicles that size, because the chance for multiples (think triplets/quadruplets) increases. I was obviously sad, annoyed, frustrated- all the emotions. Another cancelled cycle. A few minutes later the doc said, “Let’s switch this round to an IVF cycle. You have plenty of follicles and your lining looks great.” He wanted to check my estrogen levels to make sure they were rising enough. If my estrogen isn’t rising, then the egg quality might be low or they may not have an egg. Depending on how that blood work came back my options would be:

#1= The Ideal: My estrogen is high and we proceed with IVF.
#2= My estrogen comes back high-medium (arbitrary numbers, which makes it difficult/annoying) and we do another injection to increase it and push everything back a day.
#3= My estrogen comes back low and the possibility of an IUI is back on the table.
Morning KaraMornings with her are the best! She’s got to have both Bunny and Ellie (the elephant) with her now.

Obviously things can never go my way and my estrogen was low (168) for the amount of follicles I was showing. Because of this, the doc felt comfortable proceeding with an IUI. In fact, with Kara, I had two 17mm follicles and one 15mm with my estrogen being 171. So I took the HCG trigger shot on Wednesday, August 30th, had sex at home Thursday night and had the IUI Friday morning- 36 hours after the trigger.

Kara PancakesMy little helper! Always making me smile… focusing on her pancake mixing, haha.

Now I’m in the dreaded two week wait (TWW) to see if the IUI worked! Implantation usually happens between 6-10 days after an embryo is made, and for this reason, I am not running or exercising. Sure, most women don’t even know this is happening and continue with their normal life (running/working out), but we’ve put too much money into this (we could’ve bought a small car by now) to risk anything. And since I’ve been able to run up until now, I’m totally cool with taking a few weeks off. (Kind of 😉

TWW HaloHow I’m coping during the TWW… If anyone finds Cinnamon Roll Halo Top and wants to send it to me I’d be more than happy to accept 😉

Obviously I’m trying to keep my stress level low and just take things easy. Hurricane Irma is NOT making it easy for me, though. On top of that, Todd had to leave for Israel for work the day of the IUI, so he hasn’t been home. Ya that’s right… he dropped his goods and headed outta the country, haha. Thankfully, he is able to come home early and will be home in time to put our hurricane shutters up and ride out the storm with Kara and I.

My Beautiful Kara

No matter what happens, we have Kara, our beautiful daughter. She is one AMAZING little girl who lights up our lives and fills us with joy. Whenever anyone asks me how she’s doing, I get a huge smile on my face and could talk forever. She is so awesome and fun and smart and sweet… see what I mean. My love for her is something I just can’t put into words. And knowing that no matter what, we have her, makes me content and my heart full. Wish me luck on my last week of waiting!!! And that we make it through Irma OK, haha!


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  1. Sending you SO SOSOSOSO much love during this process. IUI was never a possibility for me (they didn’t want to risk multiples) but we tried Clomid etc anyway with no result whatsoever.
    I know how trying this road is. Keep faith, and let me know if I can help in any way!

    • Thank you so much Susie! I know you can understand the struggles and all the emotions. Clomid did nothing for me either. I will most certainly reach out if needed <3

    • Thank you thank you, Jennifer! I know this sounds backwards, but it’s almost like everything “else” is keeping my mind off the pregnancy stuff 🙂

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