What A Week!

It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve blogged and I blame it on Irma! Last week started with the hurricane, which came in Sunday night into Monday. I’ll do a whole separate post on that, but it affected a lot. Luckily, we didn’t have any damage, but a lot of people lost power, including our work. We got a text Monday that work would resume Wednesday. We got in on Wednesday and after an hour were told to go home because the AC wasn’t working and we were still on a generator. Great. We picked up Kara and went home 🙂

Thursday we went to work like normal, but we were all screwed up because of the long weekend (we had Friday off as well to prepare for the storm). I ended up getting my period and put my adult coloring book to good use…

Adult Coloring

Since I got my period, of course I was ready to run! It’s the only thing that keeps me sane during all the infertility crap. Jolene was able to meet me Friday morning for a nice 8 miler and I surprised myself with the pace. Just goes to show you that you don’t lose much fitness taking 2 complete weeks off…

IMG_20170915_072857_698Friday after work, Kara and I invited Todd to join us on our Froyo Date. She was so cute and when we’d ask her, “Kara, what are you eating?” she’d say “FOYO!” Adorable. I love how much she’s talking now!

Kara Dada Froyo

I ran my “long run” on Saturday because Todd had to travel for work that evening until Monday night. I was lucky to meet up with a girlfriend last minute and we knocked out 12 miles. It was steamy and humid. Florida won’t get the fall memo for a while…

Sat LR

Once I got home and made pancakes, we headed to the pool. She was all about that beach ball!

Pool Sept 2017

Since Todd was leaving that evening, we had a day sushi date and brought Kara along. She loved the miso soup and ended up feeding it to herself. She was also a fan of the “susi” which, for her, was just rice 🙂

Sushi w Kara

Not gonna lie, I was pretty sore from running 8 and 12 miles back to back under an 8:20 pace after taking 2 weeks off, haha. On the weekends, Kara usually sleeps until 7-8AM and since Todd was gone, I wanted to make sure I could get a run in before she woke up. I ran an easy 6 miles at around a 9 minute pace from 6-7AM. Baby girl woke up and we started our day! I got her 2 new cups with straws and she’s obsessed. She also loves to wear these crocs that were passed down to her (and are too big) around the house. I made us both some banana zucchini oatmeal and she ate it all up, then came to help me finish mine 🙂

Sun MorningOnce our bellies were full, we walked to the park and met 2 new friends that are Kara’s age, so that was fun. They followed each other around while the moms talked. We took a little break for some agua and crackers and hit the swing. Kara loves winging, yes winging.

lift kara naps

After the park, we had a bath and bottle and Kara went down for a nap. I did a short weight session, started laundry and showered while she napped. I made it to the grocery store, folded laundry, prepped food for the week, made dinner and just felt like super woman on Sunday. I got so much accomplished and had a lot of fun with Kara <3

Boston Reg

And then this happened ^^^^ I might be 4-6 months pregnant or I might not be at all… but at least I have the option to run it. Jolene offered for me to go with her and her daughter for a girls weekend and that sounds awesome! I know I have to be OK with running a slow marathon and I totally am. It’ll just be an awesome experience!

Now Todd’s home and Kara and I are happy 🙂 Hope everyone has a great week!!! Linking up with The Weekly WrapMommy MomentsMCM MamaRunsBlog Hop and Inspire Me Monday! Have a great one friends!