Running, Froyo and Hurricane Irma

Last week started with Todd coming home from a short work trip to DC and a doctors appointment for me. It ended with plenty of running, food, family and fun! I did 2 easy 6 milers, one 10 x 400 (.25 miles) @ 6:27 pace workout and got in 8 wonderful miles with Jolene on Friday.

8 Jo MilesFriday afternoon Kara and I had our usual Froyo date, but my parents joined. Kara was SO excited when they walked in.

Family Froyo Date

Saturday began the normal way, with Kara and pancakes. She slept until 8:45!!! I ended up getting up around 8:30 which is the latest I’ve slept in a LONG time! I added some pumpkin to my Kodiak cakes and even though the temps aren’t cool here yet, these tasted like fall. I got the Pumpkin Flax Kodiak mix Sunday and it’s so awesome! Highly recommend!

Pumpkin Kodiak

On Sunday, Jolene and I met with a fellow instagramer (@heatherrunsfast), Stacey for 12 miles. She lives just outside of Orlando, so we each drove about 50 minutes to Lakeland to run around the beautiful Lake Hollingsworth. It was great to meet her in person and we WILL meet up again! IG Run

And now its Monday- wah wah… I never really talked about hurricane Irma, so I figured I’d give you a little run down with pictures… Todd was in Israel for work the week leading up to the hurricane and thankfully they let him come home a day early! A week is a long time for Kara and she was SO HAPPY to see Todd. Made my heart melt!Kara Todd Israel

As soon as he got home, he went to work putting up our shutters. It’s not like he just got done with a work day and 20 hours worth of travel. Our hero <3 We are lucky that we have awesome neighbors who came over with their ladder and extra bread! Kara was amazed that DaDa was on the roof and was a great supervisor, haha.

Irma Prep

My parents and grandma came over to weather the storm. We ate pancakes, played playdough, colored, walked while I could (this was during the two week wait when I couldn’t exercise) and ate all my Halo, just in case the power went out.Irma Fun

We had to rearrange some stuff and pulled out Kara’s old baby car seat. She was obsessed and just wanted to sit in it, haha. We also got into the hurricane peanut butter stash… this kid is every bit mine!

Irma Kara

Since a side affect of hurricanes are tornadoes, we all slept downstairs just in case. We put Kara’s pack n play in the laundry room so that we could put her to sleep at a normal time and not have to be too quiet. She went down fine and slept through the entire storm. It got super windy and loud there for a bit but we made it through with no loss of power.

Kara Irma Bed

All in all, we got REALLY lucky. No damage to our house, no debris, no power outage and lots of time with family <3 And that’s a wrap folks! Hope you have a great week and that Fall is coming to an area near you 🙂

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  1. So glad you guys weren’t really affected by Irma. And I love that you ate all the Halo Top – that’s exactly what I would do, too 🙂 (Well, maybe save a pint in case I need some during the storm)

    • I did save ONE pint! I had a lot to eat bc it was BOGO at our grocery store that week and I had stocked up… didn’t want it all to melt!

  2. How wonderful that you met a fellow instagrammer in person!! Social media makes the world so much smaller! Glad you survived the storm and got time to bond with family.

    • The social media community has been awesome for making friendships. I’ve met some of my closest running friends that way 🙂

  3. Jacquelyn just saw this post as I was reading it and cracking up over all of the diaper pictures! Yes, more field trips to meet Stacey! Days like that make running so much more fun! Love you girl!

    • I really need to bring Kara over more so that she can get comfortable with Jacquelyn… umm future babysitter! And YES- such a fun morning!

    • Yes! It’s sooo good. It’s pumpkin flax, but the seeds are ground up so there’s no texture to it. That’s what I was worried about.

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