NEW Stuff… and of Course Running

New to me Pumpkin things!!! A girlfriend at work brought me some pumpkin Joe Joe’s and pumpkin wafer cookies. I’ve had the Joe Joe’s and they are SO GOOD! Way better than the Oreo ones. The wafers were OK, but nothing special. I had to track down the Pumpkin Pie Halo… I saw it “In Stock” at my local store on Target’s website, so I went there and it of course it wasn’t there. There wasn’t even a price label for it. Not. Cool. So I asked an employee to check in the back and he said, “We have 6, how many would you like?” To which I replied, “I’ll take all 6.” That’s how I roll. I think it has the perfect mix of pumpkin spice and pumpkin flavor. Not overly spiced or too sweet. There are bits of, what I think are supposed to be crust, but you can’t see them. It’s weird, but I like it. I found the Pumpkin Spice RXBAR at Whole Foods. It was pretty good! I’d buy it again. Jolene made mini muffins for her cross country girls and it gave me the idea to make them for Kara’s breakfast! I used the Kodiak Pumpkin Flax mix and they came out delicious! Kara and I both love them!PUMPKIN

Kara got a new rocking chair and new gold sparkly shoes! She is obsessed with both. All she wants to do it sit in her chair and rock and make sure we are watching her do it haha. While we were getting the chair (HomeGoods) we also got her a new stuffed animal dog toy. She takes “Daww” with her everywhere. He even has a bowl of dog food (Cheerios) while we eat dinner. It’s too cute. And NO. We won’t be getting a dog until she’s older.

Chair Dog

The day she got her new shoes, she was running all over the house with them on. This shot is from a video I took… look at that stride and arm swing- she’s going to be a runner for sure 😉New Shoe Stride

The This Is Us new season started last week and I’m so excited. It’s almost the perfect length to get in a 6 miler on the treadmill and I love that show. We also started watching the new show, Young Sheldon. Todd and I are big fans of The Big Bang Theory and I was so excited they came out with this. I don’t think Todd’s a huge fan of it thus far, but we’ll see.This Is UsMy new thing with running is having frozen grapes after. I had done this in the past and just forgot about it I guess, but after a hot sweaty run it’s the perfect accompaniment to my Nuun! Especially when I’m up so darn early and am hungry by the time I finish!

Frozen grape early run

I started a new medicine for our next cycle… have I update ya’ll on that? I will soon… called Lupron. It’s an injection that suppresses my follicle growth (seems backwards, huh?!) and had me feeling moody and very lethargic last week. Almost all of my runs were easy and even those were harder than normal. Thankfully, Jolene was there to keep me going and motivated!

The upper left pic was from last week- oops!

The upper left pic was from last week- oops!

I met some new running buddies on Sunday. A mutual friend of ours hooked us up for some miles and while the humidity was still 85%, there was cloud cover and it felt, dare I say, nicer out. We kept the pace easy and I felt much better than earlier in the week.

IMG_20171001_090210_544Here’s to a new month! I can’t believe it’s already October (and I’m still not pregnant)… where has the year (and our money) gone, haha. I hope everyone has a great week and tries something new!

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  1. Hi! I recently found your blog, and I love it! Your running (paces, distances, races, etc) is so inspiring. I’m so sorry about your struggles to get pregnant again. I’ve been reading older posts, and I know you had to gain weight and stop running (temporarily anyway) to get pregnant with Kara. I completely relate because I went through the exact same thing. It was so emotionally exhausting, but of course worth it once I finally had my son (via IVF) who is just a little younger than Kara actually (born Jan. 1, 2016). I wish you and Todd all the best in your attempts for baby #2. I look forward to continue following along on your journey 🙂

    • YAY! Glad you found the blog! And congrats on your son 🙂 We actually just began the IVF process. I’ve been on Lupron and started Gonal F and Menupor last night. The progesterone shots scare me and I have the suppositories now, but those are gross so I’m not sure which is worse, haha. I got a mild case of OHSS with Kara and am worried I’ll get it again with #2. If you don’t mind me asking, how many embryos did you have implanted and how many rounds did you have to do?

      • I don’t mind at all We implanted 2 embryos…after a lot of thought/discussion b/c honestly the possibility of twins REALLY freaked me out But, I was 36 at the time so I wanted to give us the best possible chance. We got lucky and got pregnant after just one round. But that was after several failed cycles using injectible hormones with a trigger shot and timed intercourse. So romantic…ha! I also had mild ohss after a couple of injectible cycles. But I used a different trigger shot for those cycles. During IVF my dr changed the trigger to Lupron, which is supposed to reduce the chances of ohss. It def helped b/c I had a TON of eggs (57 retrieved….yeah, I’m a freak of nature! Ha!) and didn’t get ohss after ivf.

        I know ivf can be super stressful so pls feel free to reach out anytime with questions or for support. I know we don’t know each other personally and I’m sure you have a ton of support from family and friends around you. But sometimes it’s helpful to “talk” to someone who has been through it

        Totally random and unrelated side note…your old posts about making your own almond butter inspired me and I made pumpkin spice almond butter today. SO good! Give me alllll the pumpkin!

        • Thank you for sharing! Interesting that you used Lupron as your trigger. I’m on that now (.1ml a day) I’ll have to ask my doc about that because OHSS sucks! I do have a great support system, BUT only one of them has actually been through the process so talking with someone who really understands certainly helps! Of the 57 eggs retrieved, how many were viable? Did you end up freezing any just in case?

          I haven’t made almond butter in so long! Isn’t it delicious!? Glad yours came out tasty!

          • No problem at all! IVF is intense, so I’m happy to help anyway I can. I know everyone’s experience is different but I always found it helpful to hear other women’s IVF stories when I was going through it.

            I can’t remember the exact number of viable eggs, but I want to say it was around 30. We ended up with 16 embryos that made it to day 5. We froze 14 after implanting 2.

            How long are you able to keep running? I had to stop once I started injections b/c all of the eggs made my ovaries huge and my dr said any kind of high impact exercise could cause my ovaries to twist. Ummmmm no thanks! I started running again right after retrieval and before the embryos were put back in and then I stopped running during the dreaded two week wait. Once we found out we were preggo, I was so happy to run again. But that was short lived b/c I developed a subchorionic hemorrhage really early on and couldn’t exercise at all for most of my pregnancy. Running/exercise is my stress relief and it was SO hard to go through one of the most stressful times of my life without that release. But, I survived of course and got the best “reward” ever once my son was born 🙂

            I’ll send you an email so you have my contact info if you want to keep chatting 🙂

  2. We were served frozen grapes at mile 82+ of our of Century Ride. They certainly hit the spot! I’m loving all things pumpkin right now but admit I also look forward to all things gingerbread. Kara is going to be a great runner just like her Mama! Thanks for linking.

    • Frozen grapes are my new (but old) post run obsession! I do like gingerbread, but not as much as pumpkin or peppermint chocolate! I just love this time of year to be honest! And I certainly hope Kara loves running. If she doesn’t that’t OK, too… as long as she’s happy <3

    • I used to eat them all the time and then just stopped. It’ll still be hot here for a while (unfortunately) so my freezer is still stocked, haha.

  3. I have heard of frozen grapes, but have never remembered to make them. Duh….oh well, it’s not like I spent the hot summer in my running shoes anyways (recovering from surgery). #nextyear

    • Dang. Sorry to hear about surgery, but glad you are recovering, or hopefully recovered by now! Good thing running never goes away for good 😉

  4. There are so many pumpkin options out there! My kids want pumpkin muffins, but I am so not the baking type LOL. As far as frozen grapes, I love them as “dessert”, but every time I freeze them, my 11 year old eats them all.

    Good luck this cycle!

    • Stinkin kids, haha. If you use the Kodiak pumpkin mix, you barely have to do anything. You add like 3 things, mix and boom, done. Your 11 y/o could do it!

    • AWw thanks! I think she gets “cuter” with her personality too. It totally adds to her adorableness, haha! I think he did die in the fire, I just can’t figure out how it happened. I usually don’t look into it too much and just really look forward to the next episode. A week is SUCH A LONG TIME :)~

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