Early Birthday, Kara’s Awesome and of course Running!

Happy Monday folks! Kara’s daycare was close last Monday, so I had the privilege of staying home with her <3 I still got up extra early so I could get a run in (a not too shabby run if you ask me!) and enjoy every second with her. We had pumpkin zoatmeal for breakfast, went to the park and split an ice cream bar to cool down. Look at those red cheeks!!!Monday Home

Kara is all about reading, so you better believe we spent a good amount of time in her room going through books. Brown Bear Brown Bear is one of her current faves!Brown Bear Brown Bear

In case you’re wondering, my morning routine is typically: wake up between 4-5AM, foam roll/drink Nuun, run, drink more Nuun/BCAA’s and give myself a Lupron shot. Thankfully, the morning shot is super small and painless!Lupron Morning

One day last week, my work team took me out for an early birthday lunch. Hopefully I won’t be able to have sushi for a while, so that’s what I chose! I decided to try “light rice” and don’t think I’ll be making that mistake again, unless I just want a really light meal. Not sure what I was expecting, but I think they jipped me on the filling portion, too… So tiny!

Light Rice Sushi

I’ve actually been getting up early enough to do a 25ish minute weight session before I run. I’ll drink my Nuun while I lift and use my rest time between sets to foam roll, so I’m not adding that much more time in the AM. Efficiency baby! I am lucky enough to have a home gym with a squat rack and all the goodies. Having everything accessible obviously makes it easier and gives me less excuses. Running and LiftingLike every Friday, Kara and I had a froyo date. My mom was able to meet us up for this one and Kara was ecstatic. She LOVES her Nana. We had a few samples while we waited for Nana to get there. Kara only likes to use the sample spoon to eat her froyo. It’s adorable.


On Saturday, we also celebrated my birthday early with my family. I requested a Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Frosting. Seems like a weird combo, but it’s delicious! I asked for this cake last year as well. It’s alwadys a toss up between chocolate and cream cheese frosting, but I was just feeling the chocolate. Kara loved it, too… obviously. She’s definitely my child!Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Sunday morning I went for a nice and easy long run. I ran 6 miles alone, then met up with a girlfriend for 8 and did the last 2 solo. My first 4ish miles were around a 8:45 pace. Took me a while to get warmed up but once I did, I was golden. Ended up finishing in the 8:00 pace range. I knew what I wanted for breakfast and it was CAKE and COFFEE!!! Hit. The. Spot. #breakfastofchampions

Long Run and Cake

The girl I ran with, Kristin, is someone I’ve trained with for a while. She’s an amazing running buddy and friend in general! She’s been with my through all this crazy Baby #2 stuff and has listened to me complain/bitch/ramble for months. Running with her is a great distraction and I cherish the miles with her. When she gave me this card after our run, I didn’t know what to say. It’s really the little things that mean so much <3

Boston Card

After cake for me and pancakes for Todd and Kara, we headed to the pool so Kara could use her new floaty with a fisss on it! She was all smiles!

Kara Floaty

Hopefully that was my last long run for a while, as I’m getting close to egg retrieval and implantation. We celebrated my bday last week, because we weren’t sure what this week/end will hold. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and I report back with good news next week! Random but fun… I’m featured on Caitlyn @ CMomRunFast’s blog today! Linking up with The Weekly WrapMommy MomentsMCM MamaRunsBlog Hop and Inspire Me Monday!

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    • Thanks, Lauren! It’s still so hot here. We’ll be in the pool for at least another month… longer if the pool was heated haha.

  1. I love all the birthday-ness in here! That sushi does look too small to me, too – i agree. But that cakes sounds interesting! I’d def. choose the cream cheese frosting 🙂

    • Glad I’m not the only one who thinks it looks small! I had cream cheese frosting on cupcakes the weekend before and I think that was a big deciding factor. I do love me some CC frosting

  2. Happy Birthday (early!). Your cakes looks delicious and I would absolutely eat a piece for breakfast! I know you treasure that weekly froyo date and I’m glad Nana was able to attend. (Grandmas rock! Just sayin’.) I hope things go well and you’ll have good news to report soon. Thanks for linking!

    • Too bad I ate it all before my actual bday- it would go great with my coffee right now! I just love how happy Kara gets when we pull up to froyo… she was even asking for it for breakfast this week, haha

  3. New follower here – I’m not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I was drawn in by the running + infertility talk since we seem similar in a lot of ways. My 2 year old was an IUI baby, and I am newly pregnant with #2 after many failed IUIs and then IVF/FET this summer/fall. I just wanted to wish you luck with the IVF process and give you kudos for staying so active during all of it!

    • Thank you so much Mary and CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was hesitant to share so much of this at first, but I’ve met so many amazing women with similar stories that it’s been unreal! SO happy for your little family and hopefully I’ll have good news like this to share soon, too!

      • It’s really great that you’re open to sharing – I spent a lot of time reading different blogs during my treatment, and I helped me feel like less of an “outlier”. I hope you are recovering well from your retrieval!

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