Embryo Transfer, Pumpkin Patch Fun, ect.

Happy Thursday folks! Let me start off by saying that we are migrating my blog to another hosting site, so if things are a bit weird, I apologize! Todd is doing all the work and I am so grateful to him <3 When we last “talked” I had just had my egg retrieval for IVF. I got super bloated and the bloating hasn’t gone away. I still look 4-5 months pregnant. So fun. We decided to only implant one embryo, as we don’t want the chance for twins and the odds of getting pregnant by implanting two embryo’s isn’t that much higher.

The procedure was last Wednesday afternoon, so I worked from home Thursday so I could be lazy and less stressed. My friend Ashley made me this awesome Lucky Transfer Shirt. Love it! I did all the things “they say” help implantation: eat pineapple core/ brazil nuts, keep socks on my feet, avoid raw/cold foods, stay warm. As well as what the doctor said: keep stress down, take it easy, no running, no lifting over 15lbs (this was super hard bc Kara is 24 lbs 🙁 ) no sex until after confirmed pregnancy and other than that, just live your normal life- ha!

I went back to work Friday and while I’m “not supposed” to have cold stuff, afterwards I still took my sweet girl for a Froyo Date. They are kind of our Friday thing. PLUS she went #2 on the potty at daycare so she deserved a treat <3 Double plus, she ate all her veggies for dinner so- balance.

Over the weekend, we went to Sweetfield Farms Pumpkin Patch. Kara is a shy toddler, so the initial crowd kept her happy personality away. All she wanted was for mommy to hold her. Yes, she calls me mommy now <3 So there went the “don’t lift over 15lbs thing,” but this was 4 days after and I think it’s fine. Nana and Grampa came, too so it was extra special!

They were selling fresh made kettle corn and apple cider and Kara could not stop eating the popcorn. She was obsessed!

We went on a hay ride as one of the first things we did and Kara hadn’t warmed up yet, so she cried at first and didn’t enjoy it at all. Poor thing. We made up for it with fun on the slide!

We fed some goats, saw a turkey, chickens, cow, horses and pig races. There were beautiful sun flowers and corn mazes and all sorts of stuff for the kids to do.

I think Kara’s favorite thing was climbing on all the hay piles! I love my sweet girl so much!!!

As we all know, Tuesday was Halloween. And as I mentioned before, Kara is a shy girl. I knew walking up to someone’s house and putting her hand in a candy bowl was NOT going to happen. Little did we know, she didn’t want to wear a costume either, so we hung out in the drive way and handed out (ate) candy to trick-or-treaters in her Elmo shirt<- her request. She doesn’t eat much candy and was SO excited.

Now here we are. Thursday… 2 days away from my beta test and I’m crossing my fingers I don’t my period. I HATE waiting!!!! Anyways… Have a GREAT rest of your week and fabulous weekend my friends!!!


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  1. I hope things work out during this embryo transfer. That is interesting what you say that implanting two embryos doesn’t increase the odds of getting pregnant. I thought it would.

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