The ZOO & Back At It

Good Morning! It’s only been four days since I last posted, but a lot has happened! Friday started off with Kara and I’s usual Froyo Date, after work of course. She freakin loves that place. And then I had my beta test to see if I was pregnant. Saturday we decided to go to the zoo! Kara had only gone once, when she was a little baby and we figured it was time since she loves animals.

We took a “safari” ride, visited the petting zoo (of which no petting took place) and walked around for a few hours, seeing all the animals. Kara’s favorite animal BY FAR were the elephants. She was obsessed! To bad I don’t know how to put video on here because we got a few great ones. The best was her expression, but she kept saying baby elephant, baby elephant!

She was too sweet with my parents, wanting to hold their hands <3

Speaking of hands… girl kept her hands in her pockets the entire time. Cracked us up!

We got home from the zoo, put Kara down for a nap and got a call from the doc. If you follow me on Instagram (@heatherrunsfast) you saw that I ran on Saturday….

That should be your answer, but just in case… nope, not pregnant. Round 1 of IVF failed. You KNOW the first thing I did was run. And boy did it feel good. Not as good as being pregnant would have, but as a new friend put it, it’s a small consolation prize. So what’s the plan? We’re going right back at it! I’ll be starting a new protocol after a call with the doc today to use my frozen eggs. #likeaboss

Sunday morning started with a “long run.” Don’t let Kara’s jacket fool you… it was 70 degrees when I got home, she’s just obsessed with wearing it ever since our one day of cold weather last week. We made pancakes and went to the park. She is also obsessed with going down the slide. Over and over. Whatever floats your boat kid!

If you don’t follow running, the NYC Marathon was Sunday and we got back just in time to watch the last 30 minutes of the race. Shalane Flanagan WON the race. The first American woman in 40 years to win! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I shed a tear or two. It was amazing to watch. And Meb finished his last professional race, which is sad, but awesome for him.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my amazing little family. While this infertility stuff really sucks, we are super lucky to have this sweet, smart, awesome little girl and if we are only meant to have one, then we are okay with that. I mean, look at that face. And she’s not even smiling 🙂

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  1. So jealous of your warm weather! We have been wearing big coats because it has gotten chilly here. Love that you’ve been going to the park and getting some outside time with the warm weather.

    • It’s FINALLY getting to be cooler here, which I know by your standards is still warm, haha. But mornings in the 60’s have gone back to mornings in the high 60’s and it’s like a tease, haha.

  2. Our weather (in Iowa) is nutzo….I know winter is coming (duh, it does happen every year), but I am just not ready for it. We really have not had much of a fall…we actually have quite a few leaves still on the trees, but the temps have been SOOOO cold….

    • Well that’s not fair! A beautiful fall is supposed to be payment for a hellish winter! You’re getting gypped!

  3. I’m very sorry about the first round of IVF. {HUGS}

    Kara is adorable with her hands in her hot pink pockets. We bought yearly zoo passes when our kids were little. They adored going to see the animals and playing on their awesome playground. I think elephants are my favorite too. Thanks for linking.

    • That day at the zoo really made up for the negative test. I’m still going back and looking at those pictures <3

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