Peanut Butter Cake, IVF Update & More Zoo/ Running/ Froyo

Happy Monday! Last week was pretty great. Not having to deal with shots and only having to take estrogen (to build up my lining) has been a great “break.” I have an appointment tomorrow (Tuesday) to check how my lining is coming along and then I’ll start adding in more meds and progesterone shots- eeeee. The only side affects I’ve gotten from the estrogen is tiredness and mild headaches, so for now, I’m enjoying no bloating and less mood swings!I got in a decent mid week run of 9 miles @ 8:14 pace. I ended up running (literally) into Jolene at the end of her workout and ran in circles so I could hear about how it went. I also had a mid week sushi date with a girlfriend. It was nice to get out of the office for lunch. I’ve got to fit in the foods I can’t eat WHEN I get pregnant 🙂

My mom and sister had Friday off for Veteran’s Day so I took a vacation day and we took Kara to the zoo again. She freaking loves it there. AND she loves her Nana and Aunt Krisin- yep, she calls KrisTin, Krisin. It’s pretty cute. I love how their relationship is growing <3

We went back to my parents for lunch and a nap for Kara before heading out for our weekly froyo date. This kid loves her froyo- she asks for it all week. I always top it with a bunch of fruit, that I let her pick out, and she eats, or should I say drinks, it all to the last drop! Saturday, we had a great surprise! Emily aka Emmy, brought Kara a HUGE bear and she loves it! She hugs it every morning/night, feeds it and wants to bring it everywhere.

I struggled a bit last week with my paces. I had that decent 8:14 pace run, but I was feeling very sluggish and tired (possibly from the estrogen) and almost all of my runs were 8:30-8:45 pace. Not that that’s bad, but I was feeling comfortable at 8:00-8:15 before this last running break (aka IVF transfer). I’m hoping to get back there, but I’ll take what I can get for now. I plan to run Boston whether I’m pregnant or not, so I want to keep miles on my legs and be in shape early in the game.

Sunday Runday! Of course I got in a “long run” on Sunday. I met up with a girl I met through a mutual friend and we chatted nonstop for 12 miles. It was great. I really love the running community and all the people/friends you meet. We headed to my parents in the afternoon for my sister’s birthday. I was really excited for Kara to be around Kristin and Rich. As I’ve mentioned, Kara is shy and very quite around people she doesn’t know, especially guys. It took her a bit, but she warmed up to Rich while throwing the ball to Maddie outside <3

 We had stuffed peppers for Linner (lunch/dinner) and they were delicious. But the main event was the towering peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting my mom made. It was SO. GOOD. You’d think it would be too peanut buttery but it was perfect. HERE’s the recipe.

And obviously Kara enjoyed it, too. It always a struggle to get her to eat her main dish when she knows cake is waiting. She asks for it the entire time, “cake. cake. cake.” I mean, I understand, every cake my mom makes is freakin amazing, but the kids still gotta eat her protein and veggies 😉 Which she did, because like the cake, she’s freakin amazing, too <3

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  1. I’m running Boston too- it would be fun to meet you! Fingers crossed on your fertility journey.. I had a hard time getting pregnant both times and it was a very stressful process but you sound very calm about the whole thing.
    And now I am craving that cake!!

    • It would be fun to meet up! I’m mostly calm about it, but definitely have my stressful moments. More than I’d care to admit, haha.

  2. If I had a piece of that cake, I’d sit just like Kara to eat mine too! 😉 Those hormones have got to affect your running — at least a little bit. I can attest the lack of them sure do. LOL. I hope your next round of treatment goes well! Thanks for linking.

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