Friday Five


1- Progesterone Shots: Yowzers! To go along with Transfer #2, I’m taking progesterone shots. Last transfer I used suppositories, but my levels weren’t where they wanted them, so we’re going this route. The progesterone is in oil and requires a thicker needle. It also has to go into the glute muscle, so it has to be longer. I mentioned in THIS POST that I made Todd go out a buy a smaller needle because I was afraid of the bigger one for my trigger shot. Weeeeeelllll, these shots HAVE to use the bigger needle 🙁 I’ve been doing them for almost (only) a week and my butt is SO SORE! When I’m pregnant I have to continue them for 10 weeks- ouch!

2- Cinnamon Roll Halo Top: 7/10- For the calories, it was just OK. It wasn’t gross but it wasn’t so good that I want it every night. There were chunks in there, but they weren’t big enough. It tasted like cinnamon ice cream. Again, not bad or overly sweet like the Pancakes and Waffles, but nothing special. I’m on the hunt for Gingerbread House now using Halo’s Flavor Finder! (not obsessed or anything…)

3- Christmas Decor: We started decorating for the holidays and I can’t wait to get our Christmas tree! We have a woodland theme with these cute little animals around the house. I’m excited to see how Kara reacts to the tree being in the house all the time and for the smell of Christmas!

4- Treadmill Running: It’s no secret that I love the treadmill. I’ve done anywhere from 3-20 milers on ours! Granted our set up is awesome- TV, extra AC in the room, 2 fans (one on the ceiling, one directly on me) and mirrors. There’s something about the “set it and forget it” pace that makes all runs (easy, tempo, speed) easier. I account for this with increased incline and sometimes a faster pace than I’d run outside. Of course I still run outside a lot, as nothing can prepare you for running 26.2 miles on the road than actually running on the road! But giving your body/knees/legs a break on the treadmill has helped me recover quicker. Not to mention, it helps us avoid extreme weather conditions. 

We’ve had our treadmill forever and it is heavy duty! If you’re interested in finding the perfect treadmill check out THESE REVIEWS. spent six weeks testing and evaluating 65 treadmills currently on the market. After consulting with various experts, they compiled four stand out recommendations: best for walkers, training, runners, and best entertainment features.

5- Friday Favorite: My sweet girl! We did our usual Friday Froyo Date on Thursday this week and thankfully, Nana and Grandpa were still able to join! Kara just loves them to pieces and gets so excited to see them! Kara doesn’t joke around about her froyo… she finishes hers and then checks everyone elses cup, haha. She knows cell phones are not a toy and we only let her look at photos on them (no games, shows, ect) so she always asks, haha. She loved playing in Grandpa’s truck bed before leaving! Wednesday, I let her “drive home” from the front of our neighborhood and she was all about it! I know this will be happening for real before I know it!

Have a great weekend friends!!! Link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!

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    • I dunno… I like it bc it tastes similar to ice cream but with more protein and less calories. It’s a great substitute, but it’s definitely not real ice cream. With that logic, I’m guessing people like the trade off?

    • Thanks! JoAnn’s had a huge sale. We moved to a bigger house last year and I don’t have enough decorations yet!

      • Thank you so much! I told her you said Happy Birthday (even though she has no concept of who you are or how I “met” you) and she was very excited! No lie. She loves her birthday, haha

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