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To start this off on a somewhat random note: at my work, you can only roll over so many weeks of vacation. For maternity leave, if you want to get paid a full paycheck the whole time your off, you have to supplement with your vacation and sick time (and even then it’s not going to last you 3 months). That being said, we 100% believed I’d be pregnant and giving birth before the end of this year (HA!) so I saved it all. To be honest, at some point, we just forgot about it. Well, there I was, with 3 weeks until Holiday break with 4.5 days of vacation I had to use or lose. That brings me to last week…

On Sunday, I had my beta test (a blood test that tells you if your pregnant of not) and it was negative. It was bittersweet because Sunday was also Kara’s 2nd Birthday. So what did I do? I took a vacation day Monday! Coming off of 10 days of no running/exercising after this last transfer, you’d think I’d take it easy… and that was my plan. I swear! I met Jolene up at her house, for a change, between her school drop offs at 8-10AM, and we just ran. Got in 9 miles, faster than I expected!

One of the perks of having a vacation day when Todd doesn’t, is that he still takes Kara to daycare. Now I know this sounds horrible, but it gives me a “free day.” I can drink a cup of coffee in peace, leisurely make pancakes (Kodiak are my fave!) and not have to share them, watch something on TV besides Sesame Street or Tom & Jerry, ect. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kara time, but having a Heather Day is nice, too. I also like that I can make a warm meal vs having to meal prep and warm everything up in a container. I used a Flatout Wrap to make the pizza below as part of lunch and it came out pretty darn good!
I went to work Tuesday, but did the same thing on Wednesday and met Jo at her house. This time, I used some of her massage tools and enjoyed my Nuun and a homemade latte: the cinnamon vanilla milk from Target and a shot of espresso- so. good. She spoils me 🙂Between the hours I got Tuesday and Thursday from work, I was able to take a half day Friday. Jolene met me at my house before her first drop off and helped do a faster pace run. I was aiming for 7:50 and ran 7:47. Perfect. This pace is easy for her so it’s nice to be able to use her strength for my benefit. I was pleasantly surprised at how strong I felt the entire run and was even able to talk the whole time. Definitely went into work on a runners high.OF COURSE Kara and I had our Friday Froyo date! I always make sure she has a lot of fruit on top instead of sprinkles and candy and crap. Girl loves her froyo ALMOST as much as Nana’s cake…

I got my long run in on Saturday since we have early plans Sunday and I was SO lucky to avoid the rain. A cold front was coming through and it f=was forecasted to rain all morning while the temps dropped. Luckily, it only drizzled a few times and stayed warm enough for a tank top. Again, another strong run in the books!

I really wanted sushi since I wasn’t eating it during the waiting period to find out if I was pregnant, so we dropped Kara at my parents and went out for a short date. We were going to go to the zoo that evening for Christmas activities, but the weather was crappy, so after our sushi date, we went to my parents and headed over to my sisters new house!!! She moved closer to us (from 50 min to 20 min away) and it makes me SO. HAPPY. Kara is all about her, Rich and Henry (their bulldog) these days and it makes my heart happy that we can spend more time with them. After our house tour/visit, we went back to my parent again (can you tell I like spending time with them?) and had chili for dinner. I like to bulk mine up even more with zucchini noodles- yum!Sunday was filled with baby crafting!!! Kara and I left the house at 8AM and didn’t get back until after 4PM! We made salt dough ornaments that require a long time to bake and painted stools for the toddlers. We actually didn’t finish either of them (hello nap time!) but got far enough along to finish at home. I’ll post pictures for the finished products next week hopefully, but the kids all had fun, as did the adults. The girls house that we meet at is pretty far away, so stopped at my mom’s for lunch and nap time, hence the late return home. Again, like I said, I love spending time with them.

And that pretty much sums up our week last week. Time flies when I’m running and have vacation time, haha.

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  1. My friend would always take her child to day care when she would get a day off too, so don’t feel bad. She always said well he enjoys it there playing with his friends and I enjoy my me time. I will have to look for that cinnamon vanilla milk next time I go to Target. That sounds delicious.

  2. I totally get what you mean about needing Heather days! I do the same thing sometimes and even though I feel mom guilt, it’s great to have a day just to myself.

    • The mom guilt gets us every time! It does make me feel pretty selfish, but in the grand scheme of things, I know it makes me a better mom… just like taking time each day to run.

    • “True day off”… exactly. A day off of work WITH Kara, while very fun and exciting, is not a TRUE day off. Mama doesn’t want to share her pancakes, haha!

    • I just have to keep the mom guilt away!!! I love how crispy the flatout breads get! I’m usually all about doughy crust, but this is a nice change up for a regularly eaten pizza 🙂

  3. You absolutely need Heather days too! I know you’ll enjoy having your sister living closer. I’ve been begging mine to move back here. Like I’ve said previously, I need a Jolene in my life. It’s awesome you two can run together. Thanks for linking!

    • My sister moving closer is such an awesome thing. The best “gift” I’ve gotten all year! It’s hard to find someone who can run the same paces/distances as you, let alone some who lives 10 minutes away…I got real lucky! You have some fun meet ups at races though!

  4. Having some time ‘off’ and away from the kids makes you a better mommy!! Never feel guilty about that! Great week of running Heather …sorry the test came back negative. Just remember, His timing is perfect! xoxo

  5. No shame in taking advantage in a totally solo day off, you gotta have those moments sans child!! Glad you used up the vacation and got in some solid runs!

  6. Kara is such a big girl in that picture outside! She isn’t a baby anymore!😥 I know how excited you are for your sister to be closer!!!💗 Just love that she moved so close to your mom. Whatever your parents did that you guys love them so much, I want to be like your parents.

    • No more baby, that’s for sure, we have a real life toddler, haha. Girl, you are just like my parents- your kids are obsessed with you <3

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