My Week in Collages… So Many Pictures!

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe it will be Christmas this time next week?! I had a pretty great week last week that included two days of vacation from work, a lot of running, so much yummy food and of course, time with family. Sorry if you follow me on Instagram and have seen all of these pictures… I still like to put them on the blog and think that some people don’t use IG. Anyway, here’s my week in collages!

Monday: One of my two days of vacation this week! It was really cold (for Florida) so I slept in and ran with Jolene in between her kid drop offs for school. I had some delicious Kodiak pancakes and coffee for breakfast and got an email that I’m still a Nuun Ambassador- heck yes! I did some grocery shopping and laundry, then rounded out the day with Body Pump with the girls.

Tuesday: I’ve never run with my Garmin on the treadmill until this past week. The first two runs were way off in distance and pace but the third and after that have been spot on. I’ll be interested to see if it’s the same when I do speed- not that I have that planned for anytime soon, but eventually 🙂 There have been A LOT of treats at work and I’ve done pretty good at saying no, but these little beauties were just too good to turn down- perfect with coffee! 

Wednesday: Another day off from work! I met up with Jolene again and she paced me to a nice 7:37 pace. The temp and humidity were down and I felt so strong. It really left me with a runners high. Of course I had my Kodiak cakes and coffee while watching Kelly & Ryan when I got home 🙂 I borrowed the latest edition of Jack Daniel’s Running Formula book from Jo and read it while munching on Whole Food’s hot bar for lunch. I always get some mac n cheese and a piece of the general tso’s chicken as a “treat.”

Thursday: Fun little story for ya… One of Kara’s favorite snacks while out and about is cheese sticks. The other day, she reached into the diaper bag and grabbed a tampon out and said “cheese!” No baby, that’s not cheese, haha. Yes, we were in public and yes it was funny. Silly girl! I finally found the Gingerbread House Halo Top! Use their flavor finder to find it… it’s only at ONE store in a 50 mile radius for me! I really like it! The little gingerbread pieces are perfect and there’s a frosting swirl in there that really knocks it outta the park. You have to like real gingerbread though, like, the spice of it. I give it a 8/10.

Friday: This was a great day. It started with a killer run with Jolene. Our last mile was 6:59- say whaaaa? While I definitely had a runner’s high after this run, it was harder than Wednesday’s run and I really had to work for it. Granted the temp and humidity were both 10 degrees/% higher, but it was worth the “fight.” It was Ugly Sweater Day at work and I went with the full body sweater, aka an adult onesie, haha. I was also welcomed with mini donuts! Not a bad way to start a Friday!

After work, I picked Kara up from daycare and we went to my sisters new house for a bit. Kara was loving playing with Henry on their bed. He is so good with her! Then the three of us headed to Froyo for our usually Friday date. My mom met us up there as well. Kara loves to go through people’s purses and she found Kristin’s makeup bag. Kristin is much more of a girl than I am and will definitely be the one who teaches Kara about makeup and hair, haha.

Saturday: After a lazy morning, I had a doctor’s appointment to check my lining for our next transfer. Everything is looking good and we’re shooting for Dec 26. That afternoon we took Kara to the Zoo for Christmas lights. Nana and Grandad tagged along. Kara loves them so much! 

I got some really great pictures of Kara and Todd. She is definitely a daddy’s girl <3 Of course we couldn’t get a smiling photo with Kara, but at least she’s LOOKING at the camera, haha. She had fun and enjoyed the lights and that’s all that matters 🙂

Sunday: Sunday Runday! I hit the trail with Jolene and Kristin… the two ladies who’ve helped me so much in the past two years with running post baby. I was spoiled on this run! Jo ran milers on and off so she’d circle back for her easy mile, haha. It worked out perfectly. I got home, quickly made pancakes for us all and headed out to pick up my mom for baby crafting. She had Santa’s White Christmas coffee ready and waiting for me- thank you mom!!! We crafted all morning then went back to my mom’s to put Kara down and have lunch with Santa’s White Christmas ice cream for dessert! Halo is good, but this stuff rocks!What a great week right?! Linking up with The Weekly WrapMommy MomentsMCM MamaRuns, and Inspire Me Monday!

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    • I love good food 🙂 The extra days off have been amazing… I think every work week should be a 3 day week- ha!

  1. Bahaaaa to that tampon story, I would have died laughing. Easy mistake though!! I also share photos on IG and on the blog, that’s our life man! Sounds like an excellent week, esp with that cookie/coffee combo.

    • I’m sure that’s just one of many silly stories this girl will give us! Every time I have something “paired” with coffee I think of you <3 Even if the pairing isn't anything special or correct, haha

    • These past few weeks with extra days off and being able to run with you have just been the best. I’m so lucky to have you <3

    • I’ve been feeling so strong running wise! Stinks I have to stop soon for another transfer- but obviously SO WORTH IT!!!

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