Well, I made it to the end of the work week before Christmas. It’s always a slower time in the office, as a lot of people take vacation, and it makes the time drag!Kara came down with a cold Monday so I took a sick day and kept her home Tuesday, which was a nice, unexpected “day off.” She woke up and, as you can see from her eyes, was super congested. We made pumpkin banana muffins with Kodiak mix and she was too cute standing at the oven watching them bake. They were a hit! She’s had them every morning on her ride into daycare 🙂In the afternoon, I busted out a bubble machine that she got for her 2nd birthday and she loved it. Like most colds, it’s the worst first thing in the morning and at night, so mid day was play time and a few errands. She was a trooper and felt much better by the next day.On Wednesday, I used the last of my vacation days (use it or lose it) and got in another solid run with Jolene. This is her easy pace, so it’s nice to use her for some faster miles for me. You know what they say, running with faster people will make you faster! She is killing it with her training for the Phoenix Marathon in February!Went to Whole Foods for lunch and got another sampler platter. Everything was delicious and all this food kept me full for SO LONG! The mac n cheese on this day was truffle mac n cheese and meh it was OK- I think truffles are overrated.I started the dreaded progesterone shots again Thursday. Man that needle is so big! As of right now, I’ll have blood work done on Saturday and our next transfer is set for December 26th! Hopefully third time is a charm! <- if we don’t count the 8 IUI’s we did before IVF. Ran an easy 6 AM miles on the treadmill and did Body Pump that evening.This morning (Friday) started early with a 5AM tempo run. I struggled a bit at first, but finally found my rhythm 2 miles into the tempo and was able to cruise the last 3. I know a lot of people don’t like the treadmill, but I think it’s a great tool 🙂 The rest of today will include working, a trip to Trader Joe’s and of course, a Froyo Date with Kara <3

I’m excited for Christmas with Kara this year. At 1, she didn’t really know what to do but now, she knows a gift when she seems one. Not that she really grasps the concept of the Holiday yet, but she knows she’ll be spending a lot of time with family (one her fave things) and knows how to open gifts. Eeeee Only a few more days!!

Have a great Holiday weekend friends!!! Link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!

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    • RIght?! I just recently switched to suppositories and believe it or not, I’d almost rather have the needle… Happy Holidays!

  1. You are looking strong mama!! That pace though, and to think that’s easy for her. I’d die before ever seeing a 7 min pace haha. I think truffles are overrated too.

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