Month: February 2018

Happy Monday, folks! Boston training is in full effect and so is FL’s summer weather… it was 71 degrees with 85% humidity this morning. Ummm hello! It’s the middle of February. Last Sunday, Todd was still in Israel, so I spent the night at my parents again to get in my long run. I had an easy 18 miles on tap and was lucky enough to literally run into Jolene for last 8 miles. Speaking of luck- I am so lucky that I can stay at my parents when Todd’s gone. It’s seriously a life saver. Kara adores my parents […]

Miss me?! I know I haven’t been blogging lately and many factors play a role in that. Part of it was all the emotions after finding out I wasn’t pregnant and trying to accept that Kara will be an only child. I briefly talked about it HERE. Then work started back up, Todd’s been traveling internationally again and my work picked up, so I just pushed blogging to the back burner. Priorities right? But I’m back. Back blogging and back “running fast.” At least trying to get there! My mom actually “inspired” me to start writing again after my run […]

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