Lucky: A Cute Kid, Boston Training and Todd’s Back!

Happy Monday, folks! Boston training is in full effect and so is FL’s summer weather… it was 71 degrees with 85% humidity this morning. Ummm hello! It’s the middle of February. Last Sunday, Todd was still in Israel, so I spent the night at my parents again to get in my long run. I had an easy 18 miles on tap and was lucky enough to literally run into Jolene for last 8 miles.

Speaking of luck- I am so lucky that I can stay at my parents when Todd’s gone. It’s seriously a life saver. Kara adores my parents and my mom makes delicious food. So it’s a win win. Kara is used to helping me in the kitchen and is all about it at Nana’s, too. She kept eating all the veggies while we were cutting them up 🙂

Kara is just being cute as ever these days! Going along with the lucky theme, we are incredibly lucky for her daycare. She’s at a wonderful Spanish lady’s (we ADORE Ana) house and Kara is completely bilingual. It amazes me every day. Not to mention, she loves all the kids there and they love her… we are in trouble…
On Wednesday, I had a tough run that didn’t go as planned. I was supposed to do 2 warm up, 12 miles at Marathon Pace (7:35), 2 cool down. Silly me didn’t adjust for the warmer than usual temps and still tried for the 7:35. I made it 9 miles and took a rest before attempting 3 more… I only made it 2 more, haha. Oh well. The effort was there and I DID hit the pace, just not how I intended. 

I still ended up treating myself to this delicious $15 Whole Foods lunch, haha. I freaking love that place but hate the prices. The fact that I can get mac n cheese and orange chicken along with roasted veggies and Spanish pork, is just awesome. I LOVE variety.Of course we are still having our Froyo dates! It’s not so much about the froyo anymore (although she obviously loves it), but more about a tradition of going together, usually with my parents, and hanging out. Sometimes we’re talking and playing and she forgets about the froyo. It’s just a fun part of our week. And look at that smile <3On Friday, Todd got back from Israel after being gone for two weeks. If you recall from my last post, he was in Poland for two weeks as well. He came back for 5 days and had to leave again. But his return home was so special. Last trip, he got home at midnight, so we weren’t able to pick him up. This time we met him at the airport and Kara was the cutest! She kept saying that we were at the airport to get daddy off the airplane. When she saw him she ran up and said, “miss you daddy!” Heart. Melts. We are lucky to have such a great daddy!Of course Todd being home means mommy has more time to run 😉 As you may or may not know, Boston has some hills. Tampa does not. So a group of us drove to Clearwater Beach to tackle some bridges. It was a really great run. Doesn’t hurt that it was with Jolene and Kristin, my 2 best training buddies. Between the two of them, I’ve gotten in A LOT of miles and emotional support. The miles flew by and I enjoyed every step. We finished up with 18 miles at 8:15 pace and 6 bridges.After the run, we headed into the water for an ice bath. Not sure of the exact temp, but it was COLD!!! If you look in the bottom right picture you can see a big wave coming up behind us. Holy crap it was cold when it crashed into our backs! I was skeptical of going in at first, but I really do think it helped. It was a really great morning and one of my favorite training runs to date. I love running <3 And again, I’m lucky to have these amazing ladies in my life.And of course no hard run is complete without some delicious food to refuel! Right after the run I downed some BCAA’s before we headed to the water and on the drive home I had a bar with 30g carbs and 17g protein. Your muscles need something to refuel. When I got home, I had coffee, Kodiak Cakes and turkey sausage. I typically have a little less than a cup of mix and that tieds me over for a few hours. For lunch I treated myself to a Publix chicken tender sub and slice of cookie cake. Hit. The. Spot. 

I hope everyone has a great week!

Question: Does anybody want to read/know more about my pre/intra/post run routine/food/fuel? Training in FL requires a bit more thought in terms of heat and humidity, but I don’t want to bore people either… thoughts?

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  1. My youngest could speak Spanish when he about three. His preschool teacher taught him. It was so cute! The humidity is no joke and I’m just not ready for it to be back yet because it will last until October. I’ll stand in my cold pool for an “ice bath”. It works! Great job with the runs this week. You’re crushing it! Thanks for linking.


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