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I am a Florida girl, born and raised! I love being outside and feeling the suns rays. I have an AmAzInG husband, Todd and precious baby girl, Kara, who was born Dec 3, 2015. It was a long(ish) road to get pregnant that included gaining weight (what every girl wants to be told- not) and no running (even worse!), but it was all worth it <3 Technically, our first child was the most loving, playful “Dog-ter” ever, Riley. She was my world and my heart was broken (still is) when when had to put her down. My family is my rock and I am so grateful for all of their love and support.

Sweet Kara

Running is my passion! For me, there is nothing a good run can’t fix. I love pushing myself during a hard run just as much as I enjoy an easy recovery run. I played soccer throughout high school and loved every second of it, but looking back I wish I would have taken up track and cc as well. I didn’t start running until I met Todd in college at The University of South Florida. We decided to go for a run (or should I say jog) one day and I remember telling him, “now if you can’t keep up it’s OK, I played soccer in high school.” Well, let me tell you folks, I could barely make it a quarter mile. Around this time, we found out that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (she is now cancer free!) and decided to work towards a goal of running in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Race day came and I was HOOKED! I loved the atmosphere, the feeling of accomplishment. Being the competitive person I am, I wanted to get faster, go farther, and that’s what I did. Or should I say WE did. Todd and I had caught the running/racing bug! We ran local races of all distances until one day we decided to take the plunge and tackle a marathon. We decided we’d make a vacation of it and signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon in 2008… and the Winchell Marathon Vacation trend began, haha. Running has taken us around the US and we’re not done yet!


I hope you enjoy this little blog as I write about running toward my goal of one day qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials. I’m sure there will be a ton of grammatical errors, so don’t judge, haha. I write like I talk and that’s that. Also, please remember that I am not a registered dietitian,  medical expert, or doctor. My running/nutritional tips and advice are from my own personal experiences, knowledge and opinions. I love to talk running and food and everything in between so feel free to contact me at HeatherRunsFast@gmail.com!

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  1. What a great “about” section! I giggled at the “now if you can’t keep up….” part. I think it’s awesome that you and Todd do running together. I’m sure it has created a special “running” bond between y’all 😉 and thumbs up to the program log Todd! You are the man! Heather, keep bustin it out because you really are a boss with this running stuff.

  2. Found my way to your blog through the name links of commenters from other blogs (funny how that works…lol). So far, I love what I’ve been reading! This was a great “about” section. Is your hubby in the Marine corps, Heather? My hubby has been in the Army for 14 years now…just got back from his second deployment! (well, not quite “just”…he’s about at the year mark since returning…) Thanks again for your great blog!

    • Glad your husband is home safe and sound. Todd isn’t in the Marine Corps. He is a DOD contractor that makes flight simulators for the military. His work takes him all over. Tell your hubby Thanks for his service 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Heather!
    I’m a new healthy lifestyle/running blogger, and I’m so happy that I came across your blog! I am training for my first half marathon on November 9th! My PR for 13 is 1:45, but I hit a wall at 10 miles and start to significantly slow down. I was wondering if you had any advice for first-time half marathon runners, and how to increase your times on the last 3 miles.

    Sami 🙂


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