Milanos, Coffee, Sleep, Sample, Grandparents Day

Pumpkin Spice Milano Cookies. I saw these at Publix and they were BOGO, so I KNEW I had to get them after seeing them on the pumpkin list. I give them a thumbs up! Nice mix of pumpkin and chocolate and Milano goodness. They went perfect with my decaf coffee Sunday 🙂   Decaf Coffee at Home. Since starting the IUI process and even after getting pregnant, I haven’t made even one pot of coffee at home. Coffee wasn’t appealing AT ALL during my first trimester, but I started drinking decaf a bit in my 2nd tri. Sunday was rainy and dreary […]

A to Z Survey

Surveys are always a favorite of mine. I try not to do them too much because they can become redundant, but I’ve seen this one floating around and figured I’d give it a go. It has a lot of my favorite things so enjoy this Friday Favorite… A – Age: 29, who wants to celebrate the big 3-0 with me this year?! B – Biggest Fear: Cockroaches C – Current Time: 9:18 a.m. Yes I’m at work and should be working. D – Drink You Had Last: Decaf Starbucks KCup E – Easiest Person To Talk To: My sister. F – Favorite Song: Don’t have a […]

WIAW: A Good Day of Eats

Welcome to another edition of What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks to The Big Man’s World for hosting! 6:45ish= Before work I had a banana. I love ripe bananas and Todd hates them. It works out well. I also like mine cold, so I put them in the fridge and it turns the peel brown, but the nanners still good! 7:30AM= Ready for a switch up?! I received some products from Vega as part of their #FuelYourBetter campaign and one was their Mocha Protein Powder. I blended up a shake with almond milk, ice, spinach and the powder right when I woke up and put […]

Gasparilla 15k & 5k Recap

Let’s start this recap off with the expo Friday. I was able to leave work early and meet up with Mary and Grant (her adorbs 11.5 month old). It was great seeing her. Just as Grant was getting fussy, Stephanie arrived and we made our way around the expo, grabbing free samples and talking about race paces. See all the white on the walk behind us? Those are the names of all the runners! I’m on there twice because I’m double awesome. Just kidding. Kind of 😉 After the expo, I headed home to walk Riley, start dinner and go […]

*What I Ate Wednesday*

The break of the fast… Nothing unusual here. 2% Fage Greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice. Sometimes I throw it in the break room freezer right when I get in, so by the time I check e-mails and grab a cup of coffee, it’s slightly frozen around the edges 🙂 Zoatmeal, also with pumpkin and PPS, eaten at work. Obviously pumpkin isn’t only a fall thing in our household. All year long baby. My Morning Medicine… Coffee made with Hot Cocoa instead of creamer and topped with marshmallows. I’m a regular barista over here 😉 Obviously followed by some water! […]

WIAW: Switching It Up

I feel like my “at work” WIAW are probably getting boring for you guys and gals. During the week, yogurt/zoatmeal, some form of eggs or salad, a PB&J or apple are just the easiest things to make and bring or keep on hand at home. This week I’m going to switch things up and share my Sunday eats… Breakfast: It was rather cold for Florida on Sunday (low of 54) and I knew I could sleep in and still have perfect running weather, so that’s what I did. I ended up sleeping until 8:15ish 🙂 Once I got up, I had some water and […]

*Work* New Year Resolutions, Including Futbol

I could give or take on the whole new years resolution thing, but there are a few things that I want to start getting better at work, so I’ll roll with work resolutions… Limit Coffee/Caffeine There is an unlimited supply of coffee at work. That is Dangerous my friends. I never let myself have a cup after 11AM, as I’m afraid it will keep me up at night. However, I still have to be careful about drinking too much before then. My boss only drinks decaf, so I try to have just one caffeinated cup and then the rest decaf. […]

WIAW: Halloween Edition

I’m linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons today for another What I Ate Wednesday! 6:00 AM- Wake up, let Ry out, drink water while doing my make up. This involves very little- eye shadow, liner, mascara, blush. Make oatmeal for work. Rub Riley’s belly. 6:45 AM- Protein smoothie: scoop of protein powder, ice, almond milk, spinach, stevia, pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice. 7:10 AM- Leave for work… dressed the part… 7:45 AM- Coffee coffee coffee. Check e-mails. Do my thang. 9 AM- Halloween Cookie Pizza delivered to my desk. Chocolate chip cookie crust, melted Reese’s as the sauce and cut up […]

WIAW: An Opening Shift

WORKOUTS Monday: 30 minutes on stationary bike/ Body Pump Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9:15 pace outside/ Pilates Wednesday: Rest ****** Here’s another What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) for you! Thanks to Jenn for hosting the foodie party! Today I’m highlighting what I eat on a day that I open at work. The stores hours are 10-7 during the week and I get there at 9:45AM to open the store and get everything ready. This means I have to leave around 9/9:15. Some mornings I’ll run before work, but on this particular day I didn’t. I “slept in” until 7:15 and […]

A Good Run, My Sis is Awesome, Some Random Goodness

WORKOUTS Friday: 4 miles @ 8:38 pace on trail Saturday: Rest ****** Friday morning I took Kristin and her boo, Rich, to the airport at 6AM. They were headed to the Cayman Islands for a work conference for Rich- how fun! I knew Maddie (Kristin’s dog) would be home alone for the majority of the day, so I decided to go back to the house and do my run from there. I had an easy 4 miles on tap and headed out right when I got back at 6:30 to avoid the heat/humidity as much as I could. My run […]

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