Friday Five

Miss me?! I know I haven’t been blogging lately and many factors play a role in that. Part of it was all the emotions after finding out I wasn’t pregnant and trying to accept that Kara will be an only child. I briefly talked about it HERE. Then work started back up, Todd’s been traveling internationally again and my work picked up, so I just pushed blogging to the back burner. Priorities right? But I’m back. Back blogging and back “running fast.” At least trying to get there! My mom actually “inspired” me to start writing again after my run […]

Well, I made it to the end of the work week before Christmas. It’s always a slower time in the office, as a lot of people take vacation, and it makes the time drag!Kara came down with a cold Monday so I took a sick day and kept her home Tuesday, which was a nice, unexpected “day off.” She woke up and, as you can see from her eyes, was super congested. We made pumpkin banana muffins with Kodiak mix and she was too cute standing at the oven watching them bake. They were a hit! She’s had them every […]

HAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY FRIDAY! 1- Progesterone Shots: Yowzers! To go along with Transfer #2, I’m taking progesterone shots. Last transfer I used suppositories, but my levels weren’t where they wanted them, so we’re going this route. The progesterone is in oil and requires a thicker needle. It also has to go into the glute muscle, so it has to be longer. I mentioned in THIS POST that I made Todd go out a buy a smaller needle because I was afraid of the bigger one for my trigger shot. Weeeeeelllll, these shots HAVE to use the bigger needle 🙁 I’ve been doing […]

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