Happy Thursday!! Everybody loves a good deal! Here are a few of the discount codes I have from my ambassadorships that I’d like to pass along 🙂  You have to try Nunu’s new Performance product for longer workouts! I’m sharing the #nuunlove with my friends & family with the code: hydratefriends2017 to get 25% off at nuunlife.com/shop! The friends & family code is valid through June 23rd, 2017. Please share and spread the #nuunlove! Western Bagels!!! I am so happy these bad boys came into my life. My faves are the Perfect 10 Bagels– they have 19 grams of protein, 19-21 g […]

I was going through my phone the other day and came across some pictures I’ve been meaning to share… so pretty much this is a photo dump. Just go with it and enjoy 🙂 Man, I really miss running here… every time I drive under I think about how great it will be pushing Baby W up and down the “bridge.” Since when did Target start passing out free popcorn to eat while shopping?! They must have known I was coming 😉 Swollen feet= compression socks. Add in some Nuun to make sure I’m fully hydrated and I’m good to go! […]

Surprising Benefits of a Corner Office

OK, so this is a totally random post, but I was thinking about the weird “benefits” of having a bigger office with a door and just felt like sharing a few. I guess you could say these are some favorites on this Friday, because I do enjoy having the space to do them… get ready to be entertained- read: grossed out 😉 Tooting/passing gas. Ya I said it… No more holding it in for this gal. I should put the sign below on my door, haha. Don’t worry though, I keep an air freshener in there so no one ever knows! […]


Current book: “The Last Letter From Your Lover” by JoJo Moyes. I’m about 25% through and I’m liking it so far. Current song: “Cheerleader” by Hailee Steinfeld and “House Party” by Sam Hunt. I’m a huge country music fan. Current drink: Kevita Master Brew Kombucha in the Pineapple Peach flavor. I usually get the GT brand, but this was on sale and is REALLY good! Current guilty pleasure:  Current food: STEAK! I’ve been all about the red meat lately.  Current need: To finish my baby registry. So many options and things you THINK you need. I’ve been going back and reading other bloggers lists and that helps. Current […]

Random, but Fun Articles

Hello there ladies and gents! Welcome to Thursday 🙂 Yesterday I had the dreaded glucose test every pregnant woman has to go through. In case you don’t know- it’s a blood test given between weeks 24-28 to check if a woman has gestational diabetes. My appointment was in the afternoon and I didn’t have to fast all day like some do- THANK GOD. You have to drink a super duper sugary drink in 5 minutes (and record the time you start/finish) and then an hour later, give blood. The drink wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be, but […]

I Looked 4-5 Months Pregnant from Day 1

After pumping my body with hormones and doing the IUI to get pregnant, I developed what’s called Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome- OHSS. With this condition, my empty follicles, from after I released the eggs (the reason for the trigger shot), fill with fluid. My ovaries were already swollen, but this causes them to swell even more. The fluid leaked from my ovaries into my abdominal cavity, creating discomfort and bloating. No joke, I looked 4 months pregnant when I was really 1-2 DAYS or even not pregnant. I gained 8lbs of water weight. Eight. It can be very dangerous and in serious cases fluid can […]

Lets Start From the Beginning

Lets start from the beginning of my pregnancy journey and creating baby W… When we got back from Israel (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) in mid March, I started “my” baby making process. Unfortunately, this didn’t mean we just had to do the baby making dance. About a year and a half ago we started seeing an infertility specialist. After gaining 15lbs, not running at all, then running a bit and still not getting a period, we moved on to injections and IUI- inter uterine inception. For people who get a period, they jump right to IUI, but for […]

Last Weeks Shenanigans

I know I did a weekly recap last weekend, so I hope this isn’t too redundant, but I’ll tell you what, I’ve been in a writing rut lately. I sat on the couch Saturday and told Todd I needed to write a blog and he said, “well do it!” Problem was, I had writers block. Seems like I have for a few weeks, hence, the WIAW posts and then one random one. Hope you guys don’t mind and I appreciate you sticking around 🙂 Let’s start on a low note so we can end with the positives… Riley girl hasn’t […]

Let’s Talk About (Not) Running

After my short spout of races (Gasparilla and the Jerusalem Half Marathon), that were perfectly timed, for reasons I won’t go into detail about now, I am back on the no running train. Or should I say couch. I want to apologize to Todd in advance for the person I become when I can’t exercise- sorry baby. Haha. My girl Jolene always helps put things in perspective. She’s running Boston this year and just got into Marine Corps Marathon… I agree! Sometimes it’s those little reminders that really hit home and make an impact, so THANKS Jolene 🙂 To sooth my […]

Broth Bowl, A Fave Outfit, A Dog & Some Nuun

From the website: Panera Bread’s Soba Noodle Bowl with Chicken… “Chicken raised without antibiotics, soba buckwheat noodles, fresh spinach, napa cabbage blend, roasted mushroom and onion blend, sesame seeds and cilantro in our umami soy-miso broth.” The broth bowl was pretty good. I kind of expected more broth. It was pretty rich (meaning salty) and yummy, but not uber delicious. The buckwheat noodles were fun and a good switch up from normal noodles. I could see how the grayish color of them might be off putting to some people, but you know that ish doesn’t bother me 🙂 The chicken taste […]

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