Husband, Best Friend, Coach
Todd and I met in college at USF. We were set up on a date as a joke, as we are pretty much opposites, but it looks like the joke was on them! We dated for a good 4 1/2 years before getting engaged in Hawaii…
… where we ALMOST eloped. I was never that girl who planned her wedding since she was little BUT I couldn’t imagine not having my dad walk me down the aisle. Soooo we got married on November 14, 2010 in Tampa, FL, where we live.

Todd is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me. He brings out the best in me and puts up with so much of my crap, haha. When it comes to running, I consider him my coach. He creates my training plans and knows how hard to push me. He doesn’t run marathons anymore, but has six 26.2s on his resume. We even ran a marathon on our Honeymoon- yes, we are THAT couple, haha. Anyone who runs can attest to how important the understanding and support from their significant other is when training. It takes so much time and dedication. I know I am lucky to have a husband that supports and encourages my goals! He is an amazing father and does so much for both me and our daughter. I love him more than anything <3

Our DOG-Ter
Get it? She’s our dog and our little girl, so therefore she is our dog-ter 🙂 I think its clever. We adopted her from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay when she was 3 months old. She turned into such a silly, crazy, amazing dog! She loved being outside, chasing lizards, going for the occasional run and especially cuddling! Since starting this blog, Riley has passed away. We had to put her down and it was the hardest I’ve ever been through. I still miss her everyday.

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The Parentals


Family means so much to me. My parents have always supported me, no matter what. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty sure they are the best parents ever and gave me the most amazing childhood ever. Whether it was canoeing on the Hillsborough River, hanging out building sand castles on the beach or driving all over FL for travel soccer, we were always up to something fun! What’s even better is the friendship we developed as I’ve matured into adulthood. I love that I can just hangout with my parents like I hang out with my friends. Oh, and did I mention they have been married for over 25 years! Love you Mom and Dad <3


Sister, Best Friend

Kristin is my younger sister. We had the typical sibling relationship growing up, one minute playing nicely, the next fighting over something stupid. Whatever I did she typically followed suite. We had always been good friends and thankfully as we got older we have became even closer. She is truly my best friend, almost tied with Todd. We have helped each other through a lot… both the good and bad. She is the other shoulder I lean on to cry (OK so my mom fills this roll sometimes, too), the person I call when I need advice, my go to girl. Not to mention, she is so beautiful and smart! I’ve been running for a good 6 years now and have never pushed my crazy obsession on her, no matter how much I wanted to. Kristin doesn’t work that way, and that’s another reason I love her. She does what she wants and is brutally honest. If I put on an outfit and ask how I look, she won’t sugar coat her answer. But, as most little sisters do, she followed in the footsteps (pun intended!) of her big sis and took up running. And in true Schroeder fashion, she is killing it! After she ran her first half marathon she said she was ready to set a new PR! That’s my girl! I’ve helped her turn into a pretty awesome runner, introducing her to speed work, the importance of things like fueling correctly, rest days, stretching, etc. We joke around that she is Shalane Flanagan and I’m Kara Goucher 🙂 We are even in each other’s phone contacts as Shalane and Kara, ya, we are lame but I love it AND HER!



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