My Running Journey Mile by Mile :)

Disney Marathon Weekend was just that… Saturday to Sunday. Wham Bam thank you ma’am! I picked Jolene up around 10:30 after we both got to spend time with our families before we left for the short weekend. We made the hour and 15 min drive to the ESPN Wide World of Sports in the cold, windy, rain to pick up our bibs. I had shirts made for us with our “mantras” for the race and instagram handles on the back. I think they came out pretty cute We wore them Saturday and Sunday after the race, along with our Boston […]


I got a blister under a blister on the bottom of my left foot… a week before the Disney Marathon. Seriously?! I usually run a few 1200’s 5 days before the race and I was worried about my open blister so I wore a blister pad covered with duck tape (I read several things that said duck tape will stay in place) and it worked great! Why not take the day off? Well, I wanted to test out running this way in case it didn’t heal enough. I wouldn’t want to go into the race trying this out, it not […]


  Happy New Year! I’ve got a bunch of randomness for you… We semi recreated Christmas last week, but it didn’t really go as planned… when does anything with a 1 year old, haha. Kara didn’t really want to sit and open gifts- obviously- but we got some cute one’s of her looking at the tree and holding ornaments. My dad got me this mug and my mom MADE the wreath for Christmas. I LOVE them both so much- both the gifts and the people ūüėČ I have a Like A Boss shirt, but it’s too small (it was in […]

Fave Christmas Gifts

We’re just going to do this post photo style… Christmas Lights! Cookie Baking! Cookie Decorating! Present Unwrapping!¬† ¬†I was a bad mom and didn’t get any of Kara Christmas morning I’m actually REALLY bummed/sad about it and am “recreating” Christmas morning this week so I can get some decent pictures. #momfail I also sadly didn’t take any pictures of Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas morning brunch OR dinner. #bloggerfail Family Christmas Pictures <3 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!¬† I‚Äôm linking up¬†with¬†Erin¬†for my weekend snapshot,¬†Katie¬†for MIMM and the¬†Weekly¬†Wrap! Have a great week my friends!


I had THE BEST marathon pace run on Wednesday. Thanks to summer like temps, getting super sick and work, I had to put off the¬†pace run ¬†I had planned for last Sunday until sometime this week. Thankfully, Jolene was able to help me out! She met me at my house and dropped of water bottles on the way. The temp was cooler than it had been all week (low of 60- woot woot!) but the humidity was still 85%, so I knew I needed water. We left bottles and gel on the back of her car, too. Jolene would run […]


Phew! SO GLAD last week is over! It all started Monday when I got a text from Ana (Kara’s daycare lady) saying she had a 100.7 fever. My mom was able to pick her up so we didn’t have to leave work early- Thanks, Mom! Kara seemed OK, but we kept her home Tuesday just in case. Thankfully, I was able to meet Jolene early to run before Todd left for work. Kara was fussy and clingy but other than that, she seemed fine. Jolene¬†even brought over delicious mini muffins that Kara just loved! Tuesday night was ROUGH! We put […]

Kara Throw Up

Last week was all about my baby turning ONE! So this week, let’s start off with my other love… Running I had to move some of my runs around these past few weeks and that ended up with me having my last two long runs be 22 milers. Last Sunday I set out with my girlfriend Kristin (who I ran with for all of Towpath Marathon training) for an easy 22 miles. It was in the high 50’s/low 60’s for the run- so cold for us, haha. Since there was no workout/speed portion of the run I decided to use […]

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