What’s the REAL holiday today?

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! I came across this little gem and thought it was right up my ally! We started the day off right this morning with pink peanut butter pancakes with peanut butter chips and turkey sausage on the side! They looked more brown-ish on the top side so I flipped them over so you can see the pink-ness ūüôā Do u notice anything fun in the picture? YES! Those are MY running shoes. I got the best Valentines Day gift this morning… going for a run. I don’t want flowers or chocolate, I want to run! And run I […]

Personal Training Wheels

I have been dabbling a bit into the personal training world. I’ve always had a knack for teaching and am passionate about healthy living. I understand (although not completely) that some people are not big fans of running and actually try to avoid it all costs- crazy people! However, I DO completely understand that you can get a good workout, raise your heart rate and burn major calories doing other forms of exercise. I think¬†incorporating¬† strength and conditioning techniques are great for anyone and can really compliment a runners training as well! I personally do¬†Pilates¬†once a week, lift twice a […]

Flexible is NOT my middle name

One would think that with all the running I do, I would be a lot more flexible. Truth is, I can barely touch my toes! (It’s hard to tell with the glare off my shoe, but I’m a good 5 inches away from touching the ground!) I have a dynamic stretching routine that I do post run, followed by my favorite foam rolling. Tight muscles, ligaments and tendons are a recipe for disaster (AKA injury) and are probably playing a role in my slow recovery.¬†I always say I need to work on my¬†flexibility¬†but my attempts are weak. I figured now […]

2016 Olympic Trials Qualifier?!?

1st Place in the Olympic Marathon? Maybe in my dreams, actually, ONLY in my dreams, haha. It is a little known fact that I want to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials. As many runners and other athletes can attest, it is hard to put your goals out there in public. Some don’t like to for superstitious reasons, that it may jinx them. Some are afraid to fail and let others down. It may make some more nervous than they should be before the big event/goal.¬†¬†As silly as this sounds, I haven’t told many people because I was a […]

Sunday Long Runs

One would think that after 6 weeks of no running it would get easier not to run. NOPE. Every week, Sunday, the day I used to look forward to most, comes around and I get a little bummed. Most people don’t understand the “fun” of getting up early and heading out for a hard, long run. I¬†genuinely¬†enjoy the feeling of breathing hard, pushing my body and mind and reaping the benefits. Simply put, I crave that runner’s high, the¬†endorphin¬†rush. I LOVE our Sundays. Todd and I head out to the trail, knock out some killer miles and come home to […]

The Ferrari Experience!

I’m sure you fellow Groupon users saw the deal for “The Ferrari Experience” in St. Pete. Well, I LOVE a good deal and this is right up Todd’s ally. It was the perfect Saturday morning for a few laps around a closed course in a 360 Modena. Our session was at 11am but had to arrive 30 min early for an intro and some ground rules/tips. It couldn’t have been more beautiful out. I am loving the weather as of late. He had the choice between a red one and the yellow one he chose. Only 1 out of 40 […]

You know it’s bad when…

Your husband tells you to make an appointment to get your hair done! The condition of my hair hasn’t really been on my mind lately- shocker I know. I am notorious for letting that highlight line grow a little tooooo far. Exhibit A:   Not to beat a dead horse, but I was still sulking about my inability to run and could really care less about how my hair looked. And as sad as it is, I didn’t even know how often to wash my hair, haha. When you run and sweat everyday, you wash your hair everyday. I sweat […]

Thirsty Thursday

I’m the type of gal who doesn’t really like to drink her calories (unless it’s in the form of a green smoothie). I don’t usually drink juice. I don’t just drink Gatorade or the like for the heck of it. If I’m going to have soda, it will be diet. Cappachinos and frappes just are’t worth it in my book, again, unless of course I’ve made it myself into a green smoothie! Now that I’m not doing much in terms of exercise so my little knee issue can heal, I have obviously had to cut back on my calorie intake […]


This was not an easy list to create. Initially I thought this post would take 10 minutes, but oh no! It was a lot harder to narrow down things that I’m really addicted to versus just really like. When something popped in my head I’d ask myself, “Self, could you live without this?” And obviously I could live without everything on this list, but hey, what kind of boring life would that be?! So, here is goes: RUNNING- duh! Publix- I look forward to their new weekly ad every Thursday! Target- or¬†Targe, enough said OATMEAL- I have a huge bowl […]

Perfectly Bad Timing

Timing:¬†There is never a good time to get injured. No one wants to be sidelined from something the love doing… especially when the end goal has to be postponed or even worse, cancelled like mine (Tallahassee Marathon). Perfect:¬†I’ve been pondering the idea of starting a blog for a while, but wasn’t sure where to begin or what exactly I would write about- other than running of course. Todd suggested I use my new morning free time, usually taken up by running, to blog. My first thought, “How am I going to blog about running if I’m not even running!”¬†OK, so […]

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