Knock Knock!

For those of you who know me, you know that when I am home alone I DO NOT open the door if someone knocks or rings, unless I am expecting them. I’ve had people text/call me from the front door telling me they know I’m home and to open up, haha. So this morning when I heard the dreaded ‘knock knock’ I signaled Riley to bark and scare the bad guy away. A good ten minutes later I opened the door… Now THIS is my kind of surprise delivery! I was down to my last two canisters of Cafe Du […]

Ohhhh February 3, 2013…

Today I was supposed to run in the 49th Tallahassee Marathon. It would have been my 8th 26.2 mile race and a hopeful PR of under 3:10. The course is super flat and the weather was perfect, high 40’s and sunny. Was I toeing the line at 7:30 this morning? Nope! I was making pancakes for the hubs while he was out doing his long run and starting this blog- super fun! Let’s backtrack a bit… I’ve been running for 5 or so years now, have quite a few races (of all distances) under my belt. I’ve brought my marathon […]

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