I love love love racing! Here are a few of my race results:


10/29/16 Treasure Chests 5k= 21:15/ 6:51 pace

2/21/15 Gasparilla 5k= 23:25/ 7:32 pace

10/11/14 Tampa Police Memorial 5k= 23:21/ 7:30 pace

9/27/14 Thin Mint Sprint 5k= 24:11/ 7:45 pace

11/3/12 Purple Stride Tampa Bay=  20:28/ 6:35 pace

6/9/12 RAP River Run= 20:09/ 6:29 pace PR

11/24/11 33rd Annual Times Turkey Trot= 20:40/ 6:39 pace

4/2/11 Race for sight 5K= 21:14/ 6:50 pace


5/15/11 Inagural Police Appreciation Run= 43:42/ 7:01 pace PR

10/3/09 Komen Florida Suncoast Race for the Cure= 48:04/ 7:44 pace


2/21/15 Gasparilla 15k= 1:12:39/ 7:48 pace PR

2/27/10 Gasparilla Distance Classic= 1:16:02/ 8:09 pace

2/28/09 Gasparilla Distance Classic= 1:20:28/ 8:37 pace

1/2 Marathon

2/26/17 Gasparilla= 1:42:55/ 7:48 pace (after a month off of running)

10/30/16 Halloween Halfathon= 1:44:50/ 7:55 pace (was a pacer)

2/21/16 Gasparilla= 1:50:38/ 8:22 pace (3 months post baby)

12/13/13 Holiday Halfathon= 1:37:23/ 7:26 pace

12/1/12 OUC Orlando Half Marathon= 1:31:40/ 6:59 pace

12/4/11 US AmeriBank Brandon Half Marathon= 1:31:19/ 6:58 pace PR, 1st female overall

2/27/11 Gasparilla Distance Classic= 1:34:35/ 7:13 pace


10/9/16 Towpath Marathon= 3:27:30/ 7:55 pace (10 months post baby)

12/1/14 Space Coast Marathon = 3:18:43/ 7:30 pace

4/15/13 The Boston Marathon= 3:22:27/ 7:43 pace

5/20/12 The Qualifier Marathon= 3:15:17/ 7:27 pace

3/18/12 Yuengling Shamrock Marathon= 3:13:48/ 7:23 pace PR

10/9/11 Chicago Marathon=3:20:30/ 7:39 pace

12/5/11 California International Marathon= 3:25:14/ 7:50 pace

5/25/10 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon= 4:30:56/ 10:20 pace

12/29/09 Space Coast Marathon=3:36:01/ 8:14 pace

10/26/08 Marine Corps Marathon= 3:57:19/ 9:03 pace

As you can see, I really love racing the marathon. I have run a ton more 5k and 10ks but most of them were years ago and times would be irrelevant. Plus, I clearly excel in the longer distances. I like running, but hate racing 5ks. Probably because I suck at them, haha, but still. I am trying to get my 5k time under 20 minutes, which will be a must to achieve my final goal of qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials. I know I need to focus on shorter distances to build a better speed base. I’m a work in progress my friends 🙂

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      • I will be running the half…. but I’m no where near your domination in distance running. I barely made seeded status! I’m working on it though… I’ve only got one marathon, two half’s and a couple years of running under my belt.

        • That sounds exactly like me when I first started running… you’ll be dominating the distance before you know it! I’m doing the 15k and 5k, so won’t be out there Sunday. E-mail me if you ever want to meet up for a run 🙂

  1. That makes me happy! Please do! I need running partners terribly… whenever I ask people to run with me they call me insane. You know how it is… I will have to take you up on that!

  2. Hi Heather!! Your blog is so motivating! I’ve actually been thinking of competing myself! I really appreciate what you do here. I would love your feedback on our blog and activewear line. I think it would resonate with you. Keep up the good work! <3


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