Last week was my last few days of running, my birthday and my egg retrieval for IVF. I must say, that all that made for a pretty eventful week, one way or another! I took Monday as a rest day after my 16 miler and did an easy 6 miles on the treadmill Tuesday. I still had a bit of my birthday cake left over and had it as a pre-breakfast with my Nuun… no shame! Wednesday was officially my last day of running until hopefully after I find out I’m pregnant! I was so happy to get some miles in […]

My birthday was pretty food-centric this year- when is it not? And by food-centric, I mean so many sweets! Warning: Do not read if you are trying to avoid sugar… It started at work… a girlfriend brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies with frosting. And left the bag of frosting at my desk- not cool (but very yummy)! Then, a candy apple (caramel, pb, chocolate, white chocolate, mini M&M pieces) was delivered to my desk. I can’t escape it… people bring stuff to my desk ALL.THE.TIME. A lady at work remember a conversation of ours from a while back about […]

Happy New Years everyone! As with every holiday and big event that passes, I can’t help but think, man, it’s already over. Where did 2015 go?! Seems like just yesterday I was recovering from last NYE! Let’s take a look back at the big events in my life from 2015 for this Friday’s Favorites… 2015 started with Todd having to travel to Israel for work for a few months. I was lucky enough to be able to tag along and got to explore the country. Swimming in the dead sea, tasting the yummy food, running a half marathon in Jerusalem […]

My Secret

I’m ready to let you in on my secret, but first I’m going to see if you can figure it out with some clues: Started with a long flight, which meant Nuun for hydration (get 11% off for their 11th bday with NUUNTURNS11)… I landed here… Ate these…Tried to find Nemo… can you guess yet???             OK, here’s a bigger clue… AUSTRALIA!!! My secret is actually a two-parter. Before I went out there 12 days ago, Todd had been in New Zealand for work for 2.5 months. A lot of my bump growing/changing/movement was missed […]

My Birthday Weekend: Pictures, Food and Snippets

WORKOUTS Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:32 pace on trail Monday: 4 miles @ 8:40 pace on treadmill Tuesday: Body Pump ****** SATURDAY: Ran outside, ate pancakes, went to Body Pump. Did a little too much shopping, which I actually dislike very much. Dropped by a 90’s theme party. Ate dinner at my parents. Yummy stir fry and brown rice. The Trader Joe’s Jasmine Brown Rice is so easy to cook and the fluffiest brown rice I’ve had. Watched Rich’s (my sister’s BF) baseball game, while consuming Pop Rocks from the 90’s party. His team is in the playoffs and they won, […]

WIAW: Saturday and Sunday Celebrations

WORKOUTS Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:33 pace on trail with Todd 🙂 Monday: Rest Tuesday: 4 miles @ 8:00 pace on treadmill/ Pilates Wednesday: 5 miles @ 8:23 pace on trail with Jolene ****** I’m jumping on the What I Ate Wednesday wagon again and linking up with Jenn at Peas And Crayons, to bring you my delicious eats from this weekend. My birthday isn’t for a few weeks, but due to some unfavorable circumstances, we had to celebrate this weekend. Saturday started with a run on the treadmill and the usual oatmeal/protein shake combo for breakfast. Lunch was ham […]

A Pretty Great Saturday

WORKOUTS Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump Friday: 4 miles @ 8:40 pace on treadmill Saturday: Thin Mint Sprint 5k  @ 7:45/ Guardian Angels Virtual 10k Sunday: Rest ****** Run The Edge teamed up with the charity group Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs to put on a virtual race. 100% of the registration fees ($5.95) go to the charity, who rescues, raises, trains, and then donates medical service dogs for many veterans returning with PTSD. In case you didn’t know, the Run The Edge team is comprised of Tim Catalano and Adam Goucher- yes, Kara Goucher’s husband. We all know I’m a […]

Someone Slept in the Living Room and Someone’s Turning 4!

WORKOUTS Thursday: 4 miles @ 9:07 pace outside/ Body Pump Friday: 4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:33 pace on trail ****** Remember how I told you Riley had to get 4 staples and a larger cone?  Well, as you can see in the “pre-surgery” picture below, our bed is raised and Riley likes loves to sleep under it. It’s her safe place. Her “home.” She already couldn’t fit underneath it with the first cone, but then she was given a larger cone and couldn’t turn around in our room without hitting everything. Can you see […]

The BEST Chocolate Cake Recipe. Happy Birthday Sis!

WORKOUT Monday: 4 miles @ 8:24 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill Everything felt pretty good both days. ****** HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTIN!  You are the best sister/friend in the world and I don’t know what I would do without you! I love you! If you’re a regular reader, you know that I do a lot with my family and we are really close. My sister is always there for me and we text/talk a million times a day. Have we always gotten along this well? Yes and no. When we were younger we […]

Another Awesome Long Run in the Books!

WORKOUT Sunday: 2 easy + (4 x .85m @ 6:50 w/ .15m rest) + 10 easy + (4 x .85m @ 6:50 w/ .15m rest) + 2 easy Recap Below Monday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump Finally, a Monday I’m not in Orlando for work and was able to make it to BP. Also has a nice little shake out run. ****** BOOM! My quality runs have been rocking lately! The weather has finally been in my favor and I took full advantage of it. (Sadly, this cold front will be gone by Thursday. Bummer.) I was […]

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