Ya ya, while everyone else is showing pictures of their Christmas decorated house/tree I’m still talking about Thanksgiving over here… and of course running 🙂 Last week was busy, but I loved every second of it. I worked Monday and Tuesday and was lucky enough to work from home Wednesday so I could get some stuff done around the house. I had two great 8 mile runs with Jolene (Wed- 7:54 pace/ Fri- 7:55 pace) and a decent mid week speed sesh on Thursday… This was actually a really tough run. I ended up doing the last 1.5 miles in […]

Pregnancy: Weeks 21-24

It’s been another month! Let’s take a look at how my pregnancy’s going. Here are my previous updates: weeks 1-7, weeks 8-12, weeks 13-16, and weeks 17-20. We’ll start with a bump pic… Weight Gained: By 20 weeks I gained 11 lbs total. Wk 21= +0 lbs, Wk 22= +2 lbs, Wk 23= +1 lb, Wk 24= +0 lb. So by week 24 I gained 14 lbs total. Symptoms: I tend to over heat more easily. I’ve noticed I get much sweatier than normal in body pump. TMI- I also get constipated regularly and only poop (hey, everyone does it!) every few days. […]

My Birthday Weekend: Pictures, Food and Snippets

WORKOUTS Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:32 pace on trail Monday: 4 miles @ 8:40 pace on treadmill Tuesday: Body Pump ****** SATURDAY: Ran outside, ate pancakes, went to Body Pump. Did a little too much shopping, which I actually dislike very much. Dropped by a 90’s theme party. Ate dinner at my parents. Yummy stir fry and brown rice. The Trader Joe’s Jasmine Brown Rice is so easy to cook and the fluffiest brown rice I’ve had. Watched Rich’s (my sister’s BF) baseball game, while consuming Pop Rocks from the 90’s party. His team is in the playoffs and they won, […]

Who Keeps You Healthy?

  Who keeps me healthy you ask? Who DOESN’T keep me healthy should be the question. My friends and family want me around for a long time (well, most of the time they do ;)) and Riley certainly wants me healthy so we can go on walks everyday! But if I HAD to answer the question with just one person/dog it would be future Baby W. The American Recall Center is doing a campaign this month about Healthy Heros and I’m joining the movement! It seems kind of weird for me to choose someone who isn’t even born yet to […]

My Highlights from Space Coast

WORKOUT Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill Sunday: 8 miles @ 8:12 pace on trail Both days I felt pretty good. Sunday’s run outside was a little tougher than usual, but certainly not hard by any means. I am still foam rolling like crazy. ****** I know everyone besides my fellow Floridian’s will hate me for saying this, but the heat and humidity are just killing me. We had a freakin record high of 84 this week. 84, people. It’s December and I’m running in shorts and a bra. I sweat my butt off walking my dog in […]

I Spanked That Run!

WORKOUT Wednesday: 2E + (3 x 3m @ 6:50 pace w/ .5m recovery) + 2E on treadmill Recap below. Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:28 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump My glute was a tiny bit sore, but once I got going, I was good to go. BP was pumpalicious. I didn’t do the squats or lunges, though… gotta preserve my legs 🙂 ****** OK. I know I’ve been saying it a lot lately, but I am so stoked about my treadmill speed workouts. I have been nailing them and am so excited. I know they will be much harder outside, […]

Eggcelent Easter

WORKOUT Rest/ Weights I probably could have done an easy 4 miles or so, but I am sticking to my “day off after a long run” plan. I know I JUST did weights on Saturday, but I was itching to do something active so to the gym I went 🙂 ****** Knee Update: A scary thing happened this early morning. I woke up this morning around 3AM to pee. I rolled out of bed and instantly felt crazy soreness (borderline pain) in my knee. I was sleeping on my stomach and I think the pressure of my knee pushing into […]

Sunday Recap

WORKOUT Rest/ Weights & Abs @ Gym I took a rest day just to make sure I’m not pushing my knee to it’s limits. Knocked out a quick upper body weight sesh followed by some core work. ****** Not to brag, but my Sunday was the bomb! I woke up and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee and pumpkin oatmeal before heading out for my first “long run” in a long time. I had my Strawberry Lemonade Nuun set out and Garmin 205 charging. Poor thing hadn’t been used in a while. It was rather cold for this FL girl- 50 […]

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