Sorry it took me so long to get this up folks! I had the Kara Update done early so I wouldn’t have to worry about a post, post race. I normally spend Sunday night and some of Monday morning writing up my Monday post, but Kara came down with Croup (a respiratory virus) so between going to the pediatrician, caring for her and working from home, no post went up. I did enjoy the extra cuddles though! I’ll do another post on the actual trip but as for the race… I cut down on my crusiferous veggies starting Friday and […]

Weekend Happenings

Look at me writing consistent posts 😉 After a perfectly busy week- you know, the kind where you have just enough time to get stuff/work/life done but still have a few seconds to relax- we had a low key weekend and I’m ready to tackle the last week in October. Can’t believe how quick time is flying… I guess we always say that huh?! As of Saturday, I’m 31 weeks pregnant and kicked it off with a great Body Pump class. I got this shirt at Old Navy on sale for like $5 and I LOVE IT! I’m all about the fierceness. […]

Space Coast Marathon Recap

WORKOUT Monday: Rest. Lots of Riley Walking. Tuesday: Pilates. Walking. ****** Where to being? I think I’m going to tackle this recap from strictly a race standpoint for now and will delve into the rest of it in another post. So here we go… Thursday and Friday I made sure to increase my carb intake and get plenty of sleep. And it’s a good thing because Saturday night I didn’t sleep a wink. I saw the time at every hour of the night. I “woke up” at 4am Sunday and ate 3/4 of a bagel before getting ready and taking […]

Let’s Do This… Like A Boss!

WORKOUT Wednesday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:26 pace on treadmill Friday: 4 miles @ 8:26 pace on treadmill Saturday: Rest ****** Well my friends, race weekend is here! Eeee! I am super pumped and just ready to freakin run! I think the hardest part of the taper is the fact that the work is done and all you have to do is wait. I am NOT good at waiting, haha. It gives me time to obsess about the little things, most of which are out of my control. Like the weather. Gotta love when […]

A Day in the Life

WORKOUT Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:26 pace on treadmill/ Pilates Pilates was, really good. Mary Anne (my fave instructor) mixed things up a bit this class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My run was blah. My legs were still a bit sore from Sunday’s LR. Wednesday: This was a tough one. ****** I decided to join my SPA (Sweat Pink Ambassador) sisters for a blog link up held by Jill and Angela. So here ya go, a day in the life of me 🙂 This actually isn’t a typical day, but it IS a typical Wednesday. Now that I’m back into […]

A BIG Thank You

WORKOUT 6 miles @ 8:26 pace on treadmill I was going to run this outside today (one last run on the trail I trained on:)) but when I woke to 76 degrees and 90% humidity, I headed for the treadmill. Weaksauce, I know, haha. My knee was OK, same ole same ole. I plan on running an easy 4 miles tomorrow and resting Sunday so I’ll be ready to bust out an awesome 26.2 miles on Monday 😉 ****** I’ve been receiving a lot of support from family, friends and Facebook/Blog friends for Boston and feel so grateful. It’s almost stupid how […]

Marathon Nutrition Facts

WORKOUT 8 miles @ 7:55 pace on trail I enjoyed my last outside run before Boston. It was warm, sunny and humid, and I loved every second of it! I did feel my knee a bit today, waaaa waaa, but it was hardly noticeable, so that’s a plus. I only got water once because there was a creepy guy by the cooler the first time I passed it. It was only 8 miles, so I figured I’d play it safe. All I could think about during my run was, of course, Boston 🙂 ****** I recently came across this fun […]


WORKOUT Rest/ Weights and Abs I woke up this morning with no knee pain, but an achy body and sore throat. I better shake this little bug or whatever is that I have by this weekend! I had a nice and easy gym sesh today followed by some good ole ab exercises. ****** With Boston A WEEK AWAY, I wanted to elaborate on a post I did in February. I mentioned in my Gasparilla post how I have rituals for my running. When headed out for a run, I always put my right shoe on first. I always eat the […]

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