Friday Favorites

Here are some favorites around HRF lately… Pool Time.  We’ve been loving spending time at the pool. Living in FL where almost everyone has a pool and spending time around the water (beach/lake) is a constant, we want Kara to be very familiar and feel comfortable in the water. So far so good. Rain Jacket. I got this bad boy on sale at Target for $12 from $40! Perfect for a light sprinkle run or a quick walk into the office. Afternoon thunderstorms are a daily thing here and I’m thinking this will come in handy! FOOD! Delicious eats having been going […]

Well HELLO there ladies and gentleman! It’s officially been over a month since I’ve last blogged. Geeze! I don’t really have a good excuse other than that I’ve been busy with Kara and work and moving. #lifehappens My mom actually asked if something was wrong with her blog subscription because she wasn’t receiving any of my posts… yaaaa, that’s because I didn’t write any, haha. We moved at the end of last month (only 15 minutes from where we used to live) and let me tell you, we are no where near close to being settled in. I wish I […]

Happy Friday Folks! I survived my first week back to work and am lucky enough to have worked from home two days this week- woo hoo! Magic Mugs. I bought a Groupon to make these fun mugs and gave one to my sister. They turn from a completely black mug to a picture when you add hot water. I put a collage of Kara’s Valentines Day pictures on mine. I loved getting a text from my sister of her mug- her, Kara and I at my baby shower turned baby debut when Kara was 3 days old. Tuesday, March 8. […]

Let’s take a look at some Favorites from my week 🙂 Family Time. There’s nothing better than spending time with your family. Whether its for a meal or just to hang out, I love being with my family… even more so now that Kara is here. PS that stuffed bunny is the dogs, not Kara’s. The Weather. The weather in Tampa this week has been/is perfect! Looks like I’ll have perfect racing temps for the Gasparilla Half Marathon Sunday 🙂 Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. Warning. Don’t have an open jar of cookie butter in your car when you’re stuck in traffic… it’s not good […]

It’s Friday Favorite Time!

Here are some Friday Favorites for you! Super Bowl Food. We went to my parents for the Super Bowl and had some random, but yummy food. It was cold here and chili was the perfect dinner! We snacked on chips and salsa and guac before dinner and for dessert my mom made brownie bites with banana, pumpkin, almond butter, almond flour and chocolate chips along with chocolate meringues. She wanted to make sure everything was dairy free for Kara. What a great Nana! Grocery Shopping. I’ve always enjoyed grocery shopping- just not putting them away, haha. On the weekend, Todd […]

Warning: This is a wordy post without pictures, but has fun content! None the less it’s my Friday Favorite… After being cleared to run at my 6 week postpartum appointment, I have since run 6 times. All but one of those runs was on the treadmill. I got a BOB stroller at my shower and I finally got to run with it this week. The weather has been cold (lows in to 40’s with highs only in the 60’s- yes, I’m a true FL girl) and just perfect for running outside. I bundled Kara up and took her out for my first run […]

I can’t believe a month has already gone by. I’ve been a freakin mom for one month. Not to mention, my baby is one month old. It’s been one month of emotional craziness, pure joy, love and patience. Can I say “one month” any more times?! Let’s see how mom and baby are doing… Kara had her one month appointment and she did so well! She got her first shot and only screamed for about 10 seconds. She handled it like a champ! Her weight was really good, too, 8lbs 11oz. At birth, she was 6lbs 9oz and she dropped […]

Friday Favorites: Protein Baby

Happy Friday! It’s been a pretty hectic week for me. Between getting back from Australia, celebrating my birthday, getting caught up with work, getting a car and meeting up with friends, I’ve been go go go. I can’t really complain, as I like to stay busy, but that means I’ve gone almost another whole week without blogging. Seems like I’m stuck in a rut with a one a week post. I may or may not have mentioned it on here, but I’ve been trying to keep my protein up through out pregnancy. We all know I love my carbs: pancakes, […]

I’ve Had a Pretty Good Week

Monday: My week started off with a celebration lunch for my new position at work. We went to a local Italian place called Gio’s. We started with calamari and bruschetta, then they brought out fresh bread and salad, followed by our entrees (I split the rainbow trout with a tomato caper sauce and filet with steamed veggies) and finished off with Tiramisu and a decaf espresso. At the end, the owner came over and gave me a rose. What a special lunch all around 🙂Speaking of new work things… check out my new CORNER office! This bad boy is huge AND […]

TOLT: Friday Favorites on Thursday

Another Preggo PR. Are you guys annoyed with these yet? I promise I’m not trying to get faster and I don’t “speed up” on every run, but sometimes the legs are just feeling it. I mean, this PR is nothing huge, but it’s still a win in my book. 4 miles at just under a 9 pace, ~8:50. Take home soft serve on the couch while treating my legs right! I’ve brought back the nights of wearing compression socks now that I’m running again. They really do help me recover faster. So does ice cream. Body Glide. There’s no denying that […]

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