This past week was interesting. If you follow me on Instagram (@heatherrunsfast), you’ll know I started running more this past week. I kind of went from 0-60, but eh, whatever, haha. Here’s the rundown- get it 😉 Sunday: 4 miles @ 8:35 on the treadmill Monday: 8 miles @ 8:21 pace with Jolene in the AM outside Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:35 on treadmill Wednesday: 9 miles @ 8:21 on the tread in the AM Thursday: Body Pump!!!! I am SO happy to be back at it. I’ve missed this class so much! Friday: 9 miles @ 8:00 outside in […]

The Gasparilla Distance Classic is THE BEST race put on in Tampa and my Favorite! From the organization, to the expo, to the race, it’s all around fantastic! My very first half marathon (and the one that got me hooked to distance races) was Gasparilla 8 years ago! Over the years, I’ve run the 15k a few times and the 5k and 15k last year. They have a challenge that has you run all the races– 5k, 8k, 15k and half- which is pretty popular among the crazies 😉 It all begins at the expo. Gasparilla puts on a good […]

I actually owe you guys Kara’s 2 month update (her “BDay” was Feb 3), but I’ve yet to get her official picture with her elephant, so it’s going to have to wait 🙂 A random fact for you: Feb 3 was also Heather Runs Fast’s 3 year blogiversary! I can’t believe it’s been three years since THIS post. Pretty crazy! Onto my faves lately… Family Walks. Kara, Todd and I go on a nightly walk and last night I found a nickle on the ground! I mentioned in an old post how Brittany always picks up change she finds when she’s […]

Warning: This is a wordy post without pictures, but has fun content! None the less it’s my Friday Favorite… After being cleared to run at my 6 week postpartum appointment, I have since run 6 times. All but one of those runs was on the treadmill. I got a BOB stroller at my shower and I finally got to run with it this week. The weather has been cold (lows in to 40’s with highs only in the 60’s- yes, I’m a true FL girl) and just perfect for running outside. I bundled Kara up and took her out for my first run […]

Gasparilla 15k & 5k Recap

Let’s start this recap off with the expo Friday. I was able to leave work early and meet up with Mary and Grant (her adorbs 11.5 month old). It was great seeing her. Just as Grant was getting fussy, Stephanie arrived and we made our way around the expo, grabbing free samples and talking about race paces. See all the white on the walk behind us? Those are the names of all the runners! I’m on there twice because I’m double awesome. Just kidding. Kind of 😉 After the expo, I headed home to walk Riley, start dinner and go […]

To _____ Or Not To _____… THAT is the Question

To 15k or not to 15k? The Gasparilla Distance Classic is easily Tampa’s biggest running event. There is a huge expo and there are 4 races total (half marathon, 15k, 8k and 5k) over the two day weekend. As we all know, I’m not supposed to be doing any kind of training, racing or long distance running. I’ve had several people ask me if I’m going to race run that weekend and up until a few weeks ago, my answer was no. The 5k (Saturday) is PACKED, plus, that’s the distance my parents usually do and I go to cheer them […]

Saturday Spectating and Sunday Thanksgiving

WORKOUT Friday: 6 miles @ 8:00 pace on trail Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:18 pace on treadmill Can you tell my new go to distance? haha. ****** My parents have always been my biggest supporters, especially in athletics. They spent countless afternoon/evenings driving my sister to and from soccer practice, gave up too many weekends and holidays to drive us around FL for tournaments and games. Not to mention the emotional side of winning/losing and the physical ailments that came along with what can be a rough sport. I haven’t played competitive […]

GASPARILLA 1/2 Marathon

WORKOUT Easy 6 miles @ 8:35 on treadmill After watching my sister kill it this morning, I was excited to get in a run of my own. It went the same as usual and I felt my knee around 2 miles. I NEED those good vibes passed my way still, haha! ****** My alarm was set for 4:00AM. 3:30 came around and I was wide awake… as if I was running a race today or something. I ended up using my extra time this morning to prepare pancake batter for breakfast when I got home and an additional cup of coffee […]

Fun Run Friday

WORKOUT 4 miles @ 8:00 w/ Marissa on trail Wow. This run was an eye opener. I had 6 miles planned since I was headed out to the trail, but ended up only doing 4 for a couple of reasons. 1- The heat and humidity knocked me on my a**. This is why it is important to run/train both inside and out. 2- While an 8:00 pace is by no means fast, I think it was a bit much for my first run outside considering the weather. It pains me to say that. 8:00 is usually my easy pace, lol. […]

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