YoYos, Burgers and a Bubble Blowing Contest= My Sunday

I have to warn you, I got a little collage happy in this post. It had to be done or else there would be WAY too many pictures. Instead of my past life’s usual long run on Sunday (<- mini pity party) I met up with two girlfriends at Super Target, grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and lollygagged around the store. We perused the clearance sections, read hilarious greeting cards and picked up a few cool items. I got a sweet & spicy decaf tea to try out, along with a light up yo-yo! Oh ya! I originally got it for […]

Who Keeps You Healthy?

  Who keeps me healthy you ask? Who DOESN’T keep me healthy should be the question. My friends and family want me around for a long time (well, most of the time they do ;)) and Riley certainly wants me healthy so we can go on walks everyday! But if I HAD to answer the question with just one person/dog it would be future Baby W. The American Recall Center is doing a campaign this month about Healthy Heros and I’m joining the movement! It seems kind of weird for me to choose someone who isn’t even born yet to […]

It’s Taper Time!

WORKOUT Sunday: 5 easy + 3 @ tempo + 5 easy + 3 @ tempo + 2 easy Recap Below. Monday: 3 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill My shortest shake out run to date, haha. ****** As usual, the Florida weather was less than desirable. It was 70 degrees with 88% humidity at 6AM. Lovely. Because this was my last long run, I wanted to make it a strong one and be able to hit my paces, so I opted for another half and half run. My plan going into it was to adjust my 6:50 tempo pace to […]

My Poor Toe, Lucky Riley, Flatbread, Chocolate

WORKOUT Wednesday: 2 warm up + (6 x 1200s @ 6:44 w/ .25 rest) + 2 cool down on treadmill Recap Below. Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:20 on treadmill/ Body Pump ****** I was 50/50 on whether or not to do this run on the treadmill or test myself and try it outside. The deciding factor was Riley. I was meeting my cousin and her new baby up for lunch and knew I wouldn’t have time to run AND get Ry out for a decent walk, so I figured, why not take her for a run during my cool down?! […]

New Shoes and a New Toy for Ry

WORKOUT Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump A nice shake out run from Wednesday’s 16 mile speed work. Everything was a little sore, but felt good after a mile or so, as usual. BP was a tad harder than normal since I hadn’t been to class in almost a week because of work. Felt good. Friday: 10 miles @ 8:04 pace on trail Recap below. ****** Fall is FINALLY hitting Tampa Bay… for now at least. This weeks low temperatures have been around 68 and the humidity in the morning is down to 80%. Nice. It’s […]

Free Godiva Chocolate Overload!

WORKOUT Wednesday: 8 miles @ 8:16 pace on trail I made sure to take this run as a recovery run and didn’t pay attention to the pace. My glute was a bit more sore than normal, but that is to be expected after my “speedwork” yesterday.  ****** Thought I forgot about Augusts free Godiva Chocolate didn’t you? Nope! I honestly just forgot to post this, haha… better late than never! I waited until the end of August to get my free truffle because I was secretly hoping they’d have their fall flavors out and they DID! Upon walking into the […]

Protein Pancake Fail

WORKOUT Thursday: Rest/ Weights/Abs Friday: Rest/ Abs Still trucking, or should I say slugging, away at my rest week. ****** Let me start off by saying I’m a total fan of regular pancakes. I personally think pancakes are supposed to be made of carbohydrates and are meant to be light and fluffy and bread like. However, I wanted to experiment and delve into the world of protein pancakes. After lifting weights on Thursday, I came home and tried my hand at it. I came across an easy recipe HERE, but modified it a bit, to look like this: 1 scoop […]

Sunday Randomness

WORKOUT Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill Nothing to rave about here… just an easy recovery run. Sunday: 12 miles @ 7:39 on trail Recap below. ****** This Sunday got off to a normal start at 4:30AM for my weekly long run. I was super excited to see that it was already 79 degrees with 92% humidity. I headed out a bit before 6AM and enjoyed my time on the dark streets. Once the sun rose, I was ready to be home, haha. I was going to do 14, but I was feeling less than great, so when […]

100 Posts

WORKOUT 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill Just a nice and easy run on this wonderful Thursday morning. My hamstrings have been oddly tight for days now. Nothing to be too concerned with. I’ll just add another foam rolling sesh each day. ****** This post is going to be short and sweet… Yesterday was my 100th post! Woo Hoo! I know this isn’t a huge deal, nothing like the one year mark, but something about the “100th” anything is cool in my book! I wasn’t even sure I wanted to blog when I started this bad boy, (check out my […]

Marathon Nutrition Facts

WORKOUT 8 miles @ 7:55 pace on trail I enjoyed my last outside run before Boston. It was warm, sunny and humid, and I loved every second of it! I did feel my knee a bit today, waaaa waaa, but it was hardly noticeable, so that’s a plus. I only got water once because there was a creepy guy by the cooler the first time I passed it. It was only 8 miles, so I figured I’d play it safe. All I could think about during my run was, of course, Boston 🙂 ****** I recently came across this fun […]

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