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I Might Be Getting To That Point

I have some Thinking Out Loud to do today… Let’s start with the light stuff… I’ve been digging frozen berry and chocolate protein powder (and of course spinach!) smoothies just as much as my pumpkin spice smoothies lately. I’m not trying to hold onto summer, as one might think. It’s going to be hot here for the next 2 months, haha. I think it just makes me want the pumpkin pie one even more the next time 😉 Still digging on my nut butter shots. Chocolate AB on the bottom <3 Just an update on my bruise… it’s like a […]

Kara Said It Best & a Giveaway!

RT= Running Times/ KG= Kara Goucher RT: And the question about having another baby, you can feel free to pass on this. But Lauren Fleshman addressed this, how women have to plan their families around Olympic cycles. Do you care to say anything about that? KG: It is hard. It’s really hard. Because the female is the one who has to do it. It’s really kind of a two-year commitment. You have to try to get pregnant, then you carry the baby, then you have to come back. So it’s really two years that you have to, I don’t want to […]

I Killed My Run

WORKOUT 2m easy + (4 X 2m @ 6:50 pace w/.25m rest) + 1.5m easy= 12m total on treadmill Recap below. ****** The title of this blog comes to you compliments of Todd, haha. I asked him what I should call this post and that’s what he said. I like it 🙂 My plan going into this run was to do 2 X 2m tempos at 6:50 pace. This is only my second speed workout since my whole glute thing and again, I didn’t want to make anything worse, just test my glute and leg turnover. This morning while having […]

FRUSTRATION and a Fartlek

WORKOUT 2m easy + (6 x 800’s @ 6:30 w/ .25 rest) + 1.5easy= 8 miles on trail 800’s= 6:45, 6:34 Yaaaaa… this was NOT my day. Read on for the deets. ****** I don’t even know where to begin. I woke up this morning in a funk. The weather was nice, 65 degrees with 75 % humidity. Sadly, this was probably my last chance to get in a quality speed session in decent weather until the fall. I was going to re-attempt my workout from Sunday. Todd and I had talked about my pace and since I haven’t done […]

Gym Decorations

WORKOUT 8 miles @ 7:59 pace on trail Yes, the 7:59 instead of 8:00 pace matter, haha. OK, it really doesn’t, I just like seeing the 7- sue me. My intention for today’s run was to do some 800’s, but when I woke up and my hammies were still tight, I decided to play it safe and just do an easy 8. It was humid, but the overcast skies and slight breeze actually kept this run bearable. I really hope I start recovering better! I’ve been rolling my life away lately and it seems to be helping. ****** We (Todd) finally […]

Boston Memorial Run

WORKOUT 4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Pilates My knee felt fine, but my quads were still a bit sore so I took it easy today. I haven’t been to pilates in a few weeks so I was happy to be back at it! The instructor gave me a shout out for running Boston and coming home safe. I blushed and felt special the whole class 🙂 ****** Last night, a local running store, FIT Niche, took part in a grass roots campaign  called “Runners for Boston” by holding a Memorial Run for those injured or killed in the […]

MY kind of Celebrities

WORKOUT Rest My quads are still really sore, but my knee is feeling OK. I woke up with a horrible deep, flemy cough and have felt pretty achy all day 🙁 I guess my immune system really took a hit after the race. Rest is best for now! ****** Most people would love to meet all the stars they watch in their favorite movies or TV shows. Me? I could care less. Brad Pitt could walk through the door and that would be cool, but I wouldn’t be gawking or screaming like a little girl. MY celebrities are athletes. I […]

Taper Tantrum and Outfit Advice Please

WORKOUT 6 miles @ 8:28 pace on treadmill Something really positive happened, or should I say didn’t happen, during my run today. HOWEVER, I don’t want to jinx anything by putting it in writing, so I’ll just leave it at that 🙂 ****** 6 days and counting 🙂 At this point in marathon training, I am normally going through what I like to call a TAPER TANTRUM= going crazy from the lack of running and speedwork. I miss the taper tantrum. I barely need a taper this go around, as I’ve only been running for 2 months! I actually made […]


WORKOUT Rest/ Weights and Abs I woke up this morning with no knee pain, but an achy body and sore throat. I better shake this little bug or whatever is that I have by this weekend! I had a nice and easy gym sesh today followed by some good ole ab exercises. ****** With Boston A WEEK AWAY, I wanted to elaborate on a post I did in February. I mentioned in my Gasparilla post how I have rituals for my running. When headed out for a run, I always put my right shoe on first. I always eat the […]

Green is Good!

WORKOUT Rest. Pilates at the YMCA. I’ve run 4 straight days since my healing hiatus and I thought today would be a good rest day. I got new hot pink capris for VDay AND my favorite Pilates class was today, so I figured it was the perfect time to rock them!  Class was packed and the instructor, Mary Anne, really killed our abs! I also did a lot of foam rolling. Ahh it hurts so good 🙂 Sorry for the crappy picture and don’t mind Riley’s Nilla Bone at my foot. ****** Green Smoothies are a staple in my diet. They […]

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