I got in two really great runs with Jolene¬†last week. I don’t know what happened, but out of no where, my comfortable pace dropped to the low 8:00’s. Not gonna lie, it felt good! I know running with Jolene is what helped. Miles fly by with her. I really focused on listening to her footsteps to increase my cadence and it worked! Look at the difference between the first and second run! I was also able to keep my heart rate at a respectable 157-160, which, for that pace in the heat and humidity, I was happy with ūüôā Kara […]

I’ve chosen my “comeback” marathon… The Towpath Marathon¬†in Akron, OH on October 9th. It runs through the¬†Cuyahoga Valley National Park¬†in the fall and everyone says it’s beyond beautiful! I haven’t registered yet, as I want to make sure I can balance training, working and most importantly, family. I plan on following Jack Daniels’s plan like I’ve done in the past with a lot of success. It will most certainly be challenging, especially training during the summer in FL, but I’m up for the challenge. My goal for peak mileage is 60 miles, but I have a feeling 50 will be […]

Here are some favorites¬†around HRF lately… Pool Time.¬† We’ve been loving spending time at the pool. Living in FL where almost everyone has a pool and spending time around the water (beach/lake) is a constant, we want Kara to be very familiar and feel comfortable in the water. So far so good. Rain Jacket.¬†I got this bad boy on sale at Target for $12 from $40! Perfect for a light sprinkle run or a quick walk into the office. Afternoon thunderstorms are a daily thing here and I’m thinking this will come in handy! FOOD! Delicious eats having been going […]

Weekend Happenings

Look at me writing consistent posts¬†ūüėČ After a perfectly busy week- you know, the kind where you have just enough time to get stuff/work/life done but still have a few seconds to relax- we had a low key weekend and I’m ready to tackle the last week in October. Can’t believe how quick time is flying… I guess we always say that huh?! As of Saturday, I’m 31 weeks pregnant and kicked it off with a great Body Pump class.¬†I got this shirt at Old Navy on sale for like $5 and I LOVE IT! I’m all about the fierceness. […]

Pregnancy Weeks 13-16 & Some Randoms

Not much of a difference between weeks 13 and 16, although it certainly felt like I was bigger! Weight Gained: 8¬†lbs. Workouts:¬†I can finally RUN! Once I got into my second trimester, I was finally cleared to exercise more. I’ve been doing 3-4 miles at around 9:30 pace. That’s about a minute and a half slower than my normal pace, but who cares… I can run <3 Symptoms: Sore boobs, still. Already having to pee in the middle of the night. Honestly, I’ve always gotten up to pee at some point in the night, but now it comes on more […]

Good Food, Drinks and Company

Last week was full of fun times with friends and family, and of course involved some great food. We went over to my parents house during the week to watch the Lightning Game- if you didn’t know, they are in the Stanley Cup Finals. That particular night they won, wooo hoo! For dinner, my mom prepared roasted chicken, asparagus and veggie pasta salad with feta. For dessert we had Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. It’s been my favorite since I was a little girl. I think the white and green kinds taste different and while I love all ice […]

Weekend Ness

My weekend started like every other weekend… Body Pump at the Y, followed by a run. I run right after class from the Y parking lot and I always make sure to take it easy, as I’ve just pumped it up and already given my legs a workout.I always seem to be hungry after an hour of BP and then 34ish min of running, so I brought some leftover roasted butternut squash to eat on the car ride home. Ya, I couldn’t wait the 15 min it takes to drive home. (Notice the red shorts) After I got home and […]

WIAW: Switching It Up

I feel like my “at work” WIAW are probably getting boring for you guys and gals. During the week, yogurt/zoatmeal, some form of eggs or salad, a PB&J or apple are just the easiest things to make and bring or keep on hand at home. This week I’m going to¬†switch things up¬†and share¬†my Sunday eats… Breakfast:¬†It was rather cold for Florida on Sunday (low of 54) and I knew I could sleep in and still have perfect running weather, so that’s what I did. I ended up sleeping until 8:15ish ūüôā Once I got up, I had some water and […]

Nuun, Boston Bandits, a Date (or 2) and Pancakes

Have you guys and gals heard of NUUN Energy yet? Well it’s awesome. I got a sweet care package from them introducing the new tablets of joy and not only did I enjoy the goodies… Riley did, too! Ohhh our little trash dog! I wrote about the stupid radio jock who thinks Meb winning Boston was a rigged, but I just recently heard about some Boston Bandits. Check out this post Doppelganger Gang¬†that goes more into detail. I couldn’t believe it! Not running is still really hard! To fill my mornings, I’ve been having dates with my girlfriends. Marissa recently […]

Five Things Fridayyyyy

WORKOUT ¬†6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Abs My glute was a little tight when I woke up this morning. I kept the pace slow and it definitely helped loosen it up a bit. I did one of my go-to ab work outs at home. ****** 1) Remember THIS baby shower I went to for my cousin? Wellllll, she is in labor as I type this! I can’t wait to meet baby Jackson and hang out with his proud parents! My sister’s boyfriend’s mom made him this quilt… She is so talented! Can’t wait for her to make one […]

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