Happy New Years everyone! As with every holiday and big event that passes, I can’t help but think, man, it’s already over. Where did 2015 go?! Seems like just yesterday I was recovering from last NYE! Let’s take a look back at the big events in my life from 2015 for this Friday’s Favorites… 2015 started with Todd having to travel to Israel for work for a few months. I was lucky enough to be able to tag along and got to explore the country. Swimming in the dead sea, tasting the yummy food, running a half marathon in Jerusalem […]

So here we are, at the end of week 33. I think it’s about time for a recap on the past few weeks. Check out my previous preggo recaps:  weeks 1-7, weeks 8-12, weeks 13-16, weeks 17-20, weeks 21-24, and weeks 25-28. Weeks 29-30 were spent in Australia, which, no surprise here, I still owe you a recap on the Cairns and Melbourne parts of our trip. Weight Gain= I gained 17 lbs as of 28 weeks. Wk 29- 0, Wk 30- 1, Wk 31- 1, Wk 32- 1, Wk 33- 2. Total by 28 weeks: 22 lbs. Right on target for the 1lb a […]

Pregnancy: Weeks 25-28

I am officially in my third trimester. Woot woot! The end is (somewhat) near. When everyone asks how I’m feeling, I tell them I’m at the best stage. I’ve got a cute preggo belly and I don’t just look like I have a food baby or like I have a gut. At the same time though, I’m not huge and uncomfortable yet. It’s the honeymoon stage of pregnancy. Baby girl is doing good! Just like at our 20 wk appointment, she was not cooperating to get any good pics, so this is one of the best we got. You can see […]

Pregnancy: Weeks 21-24

It’s been another month! Let’s take a look at how my pregnancy’s going. Here are my previous updates: weeks 1-7, weeks 8-12, weeks 13-16, and weeks 17-20. We’ll start with a bump pic… Weight Gained: By 20 weeks I gained 11 lbs total. Wk 21= +0 lbs, Wk 22= +2 lbs, Wk 23= +1 lb, Wk 24= +0 lb. So by week 24 I gained 14 lbs total. Symptoms: I tend to over heat more easily. I’ve noticed I get much sweatier than normal in body pump. TMI- I also get constipated regularly and only poop (hey, everyone does it!) every few days. […]

Pregnancy: Weeks 17-20 with a Weekly Workout Recap!

Let’s take a look at my pregnancy during weeks 17-20. Here are my previous updates: weeks 1-7, weeks 8-12, and weeks 13-16. Weight Gained: At 16 weeks I had gained 8 lbs. 17 wks +0 lb,  18 wks + 1lb , 19 wks + 1 lb and by 20 weeks I gained 11 lbs total. Symptoms: My boobs aren’t sore anymore but they are huge! I always thought I’d want a boob job after having kids (since I hear it can make them saggy) but I’m seriously considering otherwise now, haha. Sleeping has become a guessing game. Some nights are great, while others […]

Pregnancy: Weeks 8-12 & Dad’s Bday Dinner

Happy Sunday/Monday ya’ll! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is starting the new week off right! Here’s a bit of why my Monday is Marvelous and a few week(s)end updates… Preggo Update I’ve been reading blogs for several years now and one thing that remained constant was that pregnancy updates kind of annoyed me- until I got pregnant of course. Every week reading practically the same thing as the week before, with just a few changes. SO, since I DID go back to every one of those blogs and reread their updates, I figured I’d do a hybrid […]

Pregnancy: Weeks 1-7 & Tried It Tuesday

Figured I’d combine my first few weeks of pregnancy with something a little more fun, as I have no real pictures in the beginning. I do want to record everything, so I thought combining was a good way to do both. If the preggo stuff bores you, just skip to the pics, haha. Pregnancy: Weeks 1-7 There are many downsides to going through infertility and one of them, is announcing your pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong… we are obviously over the moon about being pregnant, but when your family and super close friends know what you’re going through, it’s hard […]

Lets Start From the Beginning

Lets start from the beginning of my pregnancy journey and creating baby W… When we got back from Israel (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) in mid March, I started “my” baby making process. Unfortunately, this didn’t mean we just had to do the baby making dance. About a year and a half ago we started seeing an infertility specialist. After gaining 15lbs, not running at all, then running a bit and still not getting a period, we moved on to injections and IUI- inter uterine inception. For people who get a period, they jump right to IUI, but for […]

Stuck in the Middle, Tagalong Challenge

WORKOUTS Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:40 pace outside Thursday: Body Pump Friday: 4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill ****** For those of you who haven’t followed my blog for a while, here’s a quick run down of my current life/running situation… Todd and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. Because of my intense marathon training, low weight, previous period issues and being on birth control for a long time, I haven’t had a period since getting off of birth control in April of 2013. After taking 3.5 months off of all physical activity and […]

Eats Lately… Gaining 15lbs

Well my friends, I had a doctors appointment yesterday and am pleased (?) to report that I have gained 15lbs in this baby making adventure. If you’re a new reader, no, I’m not pregnant, but I am TRYING to be. After the initial appointment where I learned I had to gain weight (and stop exercising), I’ve had to increase 5lbs by each appointment. Not gonna lie… the first five pounds were all pity pounds and gained from refined carbs and sugar in the form of bread, cookies, cupcakes and chocolate. The second five was a mix of “bad” and healthy […]

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